Monday, December 10, 2012

Stuck at 인천국제공항 Part 1

A good 38 days ago (damn, that was long!) on Nov.1, for the first time in my life I had to travel alone. I mean, I've always had my brother with me during plane rides but this was the first time I'd have to travel alone. I wasn't afraid. Instead, I was very very excited that I purchased a regular instead of first class Meitetsu train ticket to get to 中部国際空港 which meant that I:  

           a. won't be able to sit down with 2 20kg. ea luggage
           b. will be able to sit down on one of my luggage
           c. will be so unlucky to ride on a first-class-cars-only-so-present-me-your-first-class-
               ticket-now train that I'd have to pay the fare difference

Any of the three could've happened except that all three happened. I was so worked up and basically harassing the MANACA machine for my train ticket that the thought of being seat-less for the whole 25 minute train ride to the airport only occurred to me after the regular ticket was dispensed. Of course, I also wasn't able to sit down on my way to 金山駅 and that was a good 45 minute train ride from home. And when I did pay the fare difference to get me a seat, the rather sad-looking Japanese man in adorably cute uniform told me "NO SEAT" which to my ears now sounded "NO SIT" and the horror images of me being thrown out of the train with my luggage came flashing... he just meant that the train was full and even if I'd have to pay the fare difference and have a first-class ticket, I still wouldn't be able to sit down as all seats were already allocated. Who the hell travels on Nov.1 aside from me? 

I of course got myself a really loooonnnnggg siiiiittttt when I arrived at 中部国際空港 and the friendly Korean Air ground personnel told me I couldn't check in until 3 hours later and that I can do "self check-in" in one of the booths but they still won't accept my luggage. So 3 hours and a flight later, I was happily in 한국. KOREA KOREA KOREA!!! And I was still at the airport greatly admiring everything even the temperature which was at that time 9 deg.C, a good drop from our humble 20 deg.C. I was actually admiring in great great detail and spent way too much precious minutes in the bathroom... looking at myself and feeling practically frantic at how I'd look, facing all those Koreans!!! So the ending was, I was waiting in line in Immigration, which I'd have to pass if I'd want to go on that transit tour. But luck of all luck, there was only 3 hours before my flight to Cebu and I was still at the Immigration line. Why, did the line have to be so long and in all of the days, why, did it have to be today? 

Today when I could've gotten myself into 

and in flea markets or even high-end fashion outlets and shopping malls even if I'd have to window shop instead of actually shopping. Or maybe I'd be in a palace somewhere and finally get a taste of the Joseon era that I enjoyed experiencing in Korean dramas. But I wasn't. I was waiting in line and I had to call the Transit Tour Desk to ask if I'd still have time to do a tour. The Korean woman was patient with me, surprisingly. I was expecting she'd snap back at me when I was all sulky and feeling helpless but she didn't. She calmly told me that there simply wasn't enough time and that I'd be happy off inside the airport shopping in the over 90 duty-free shops they had. 

Still feeling down, I detoured and found a door saying TRANSIT *something* (I can't even remember it now!) and came upon a Chinese woman being shouted at by a Korean personnel due to communication difficulties. The Korean personnel was telling the Chinese woman to get her laptop outside of the bag and place it in a different tray but somehow the Chinese woman kicked of her shoes and placed them on the tray which got me thinking into untying my shoes right that minute. And so there were shouts and all but in the end, they both understood each other and it was now my turn to be inspected. I wasn't bringing any laptop so there wasn't going to be a problem, I suppose. And I sure as hell was ready to untie my shoes should there be any need - like the good, compliant, sulky tourist I was at the moment.

So I visited a few shops here and there and realized I didn't have any Korean Won on me apart from the meagre 5000 Won which would barely buy me a drink. I looked for a ForEx and found one nearest me. I changed my 10,000 Yen and got something like 100,000+ Won but I was so busy looking past the teller who was counting my money. I was looking at my favorite and one of the most beautiful Korean actress I've ever seen on TV and on the internet - HA JI WON! Oh, I'm such a sucker for her it still amazes me I didn't change gender preferences yet! This was running behind the now curious teller (looking at her back and touching her hair to see what I was looking at):

After my brief, dumbfounding experience (at least for my part) at ForEx, I went into a shop which sold magazines, books, and KPOP merchandise. I rummaged for an English-Korean, Korean-English Dictionary and didn't find any. I was really really desperate to learn Korean but I was a lazy-ass too, so to speak. So I figured, maybe a dictionary would do me fine for the moment. No luck in that. So I moved over to the magazines and I saw SINGLES and remembered quite vividly that Eunhyuk my ever dearest sarang had pictorials for it. There was only one issue and it was a girl on the cover who I didn't really know and it frustrated me to not find my oppa anywhere. Then, 3 magazines to the left of it was ASIA TV magazine featuring SM TOWN Live Concert which meant that I'd be able to see SUPER JUNIOR on it. I grabbed it along with me for the fear of losing it. Next up was the KPOP merchandise section with the albums glaring at me almost begging me to buy them. I'd think of Minhyuk oppa later as I passed on CN Blue, Seungho my love, I've bought your 2 recent albums with MBLAQ and even a DVD on Monalisa so I'd have to pass up too. I was looking for SUPER JUNIOR'S VERSION A of SEXY FREE & SINGLE and I couldn't find it!!!! So I looked up and started scavenging for the limited edition photobook they said to have relased and didn't find any but...

in navy-blue, hard-bound and too big to be an album kind of big, it read Sexy Free & Single... italized and in a font I've known too well. I swear, I didn't expect it to be this big. This could pass on as our thesis if only it was green and had the USC logo and our school name on it in gold letterings. I was practically drooling and grabbing at the same time. There was only one on display. I know they could've hidden the others but damn, I was getting this one for sure! So in the end, I spent W11,800 for the magazine and W30,000 for the album which I've decided not to open until I get to Cebu =) The magazine was browsed through thoroughly though... while boarding!

And also, I bought some chocolates for my HALLYU WAVE ADDICT friends, half a dozen boxes of kimchi and one kilo of boxed samgyetang from Lotte. I realized after walking out of Lotte, how "aggressive" (and I mean that in every way possible) the sales ladies there can get i.e. stuffing free samples of chocolates in your mouth every now and then, entertaining another customer and stuffing that customers mouth with free samples too while you're chewing, speaking to you in Japanese, then in Chinese, then in Korean and when you still don't budge like me, saying "Welcome to Korea! Would you like some chocolates?" It's so amazing it's almost funny!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Eunhyuk and IU

So this morning when I woke up, I logged in to my Facebook account not to check how my profile page would look but to answer messages from IRO supporters, say thank you to the occasional pat-in-the-back messages and argue with some senders for some reasons I cannot divulge in here and I got a notification with Teukie tagging me in a post. Voila! One perfect I-just-read-a-good-book-so-I'm-invincible Sunday morning ruined.

And why the hell are you shirtless oppa!? Not that I mind seeing you without a top on but you're absolutely in bliss in this photo. God knows what you were doing but I know who! :S And I'm really feeling frustrated and sad as I am typing this. I promised I won't blog until tonight... not until I blog on my 3-day Cebu escapade and my alone time at Incheon... in search of anything SUJU-ey but this just got on my nerve. I'm not angry. I don't have the right. But I'm not happy as well. I'm just a fan girl spazzing almost everyday for news about Eunhyuk although I'm not alone... Tuek oppa, are you spazzing too? Just a few days in the army and things have blown out of proportion right?! I think your heart is racing more than mine. 

I'm heading for a book fair. I'm pretty sure a luggage full of books can't get any heavier than my heart is. 

And no, as much as I would like to stick to my blog name, I CANNOT KEEP CALM AS OF THE MOMENT. 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Stuffed Nampyeons

Right now, I'm the only one awake in the whole house. Everyone else is sleeping away. What's even crazier is that I'm grinning and laughing by myself. I can't help it. I'm preparing my gifts for the kanahans and I'm bursting laughter by the minute. After I've done everything, I'm even laughing harder. Aigoo!!! Nomo nomo kyooo-o. I don't know if they'll like it but I'm even thinking of doing one for myself. But then my nampyeon will probably slap me silly. I wish I can take pictures of them but that'd be such a spoiler. I wan't them to be really surprised when I get home. 

I'm thankful I had a really great laugh after shedding tears while typing my letter to each of them. I can't wait to see them. Kanahans, if you're reading this, I really really miss you guys! You know who you are. I'll see you very soon. I love you!!!

P.S. Congrats to me for finishing an entire SUJU playlist on Youtube with 100 videos while working on the nampyeons! ROFL.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Transit Tour in Korea

I'll be travelling via Korean Air on my way home this coming November (HAPPY HALLOWEEN!) and I've got lots of time in my hands before my flight to Cebu. Actually, 4 hours isn't that much but I'm not sure If I can stay put in Incheon International Airport that long. Four years ago, I spent my transit hours surfing the net, visiting duty free shops (they have like more than 50!!!) and eating KFC. The eating KFC part was really memorable. My brother and I weren't able to finish eating our order. It was just too spicy. I guess I should be careful this time around! Haha!

I was blabbing about how I'd spend my 4 hours when my father told me that there are such things as transit tours in Korea. He told me my uncle got into one instead of spending 12 hours inside the airport. Anyone who has a valid passport can join the tour. Thanks to Visit Korea, I was able to read up on the said transit tours. I was really eyeing for the 4-hour tour to the filming set of Full House. But then again, that'd be way too dangerous as I might not be able to board my plane. Or wait... it might just be fun to have no choice but to stay in Korea for a valid reason! Haha! Although I'm very sure my plans would be all messed up and my baggage would be unclaimed in Cebu. Pffffft.

I hope I can get to Seoul during my transit hours. I am still not able to decide which tour to take.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Hyukjae Oppa on Singles Magazine

All I can say is... jawline! jawline! jawline! Hyukjae-a... you look really cool. I don't know when I'll ever get tired of your face. I think I will never get tired. Cheolte XD

Credits to:

Kangin Got Married Too?

I really thought that aside from Teuk oppa and Kyuhun, no one else was casted as a husband in "We Got Married" among Super Junior members. I thought I read wrong in one of the blogs I visited.

As always, Kangin looked good =) Actually, in terms of "visuals", my top three are Siwon, Donghae and Kangin. They have really great facial structures. I just didn't imagine Kangin to be in WGM. He was hilarious and at times really stubborn during their episodes. I watched all the Kangin-Yoonji cuts and I can say they were an interesting couple. There were many sides of Kangin that I never could've imagined like wanting to be called "prince", events/surprises hagoshipo, wanting to wash the dishes but avoiding all other household chores especially mopping the floor and so much more. The girl was really kind and she looks so pretty! 

If you want to watch Kang-Ji couple, click here. Enjoy!

Super VIP Tickets

Finally, finally!!! We had purchased our tickets for Dream Kpop Fantasy Concert. We were really confused whether to get the seated tickets or the SVIP tickets. Guess what? A day after the pre-selling, the seated tickets were SOLD OUT! Kekekeke. We'd have to endure standing up in the mosh pits for n hours (I still don't know how long the concert will be, but I hope it'll be really really long! LOL). 

After the tickets were purchased, I happily started doing my homework which means that I'd have to familiarize myself with the artists who will perform. Apart from Super Junior and MBLAQ, and oh! CN Blue too, I don't think I completely know members and names of other Kpop groups. I'm relatively a new fangirl! HAHAHAHA! So I started watching videos of EXO-K first... and realized I am "corrupting minors" literally. I'm usually not a fan of artists who are younger than me but my God, Kai! And why am I always attracted to those members who dance well?! What the hell. I totally love how he danced in "What is Love" and the way he looked at the camera (he looked at me? ROFL) in "History". He kind of reminds me of Hyukjae-a which isn't a bad thing but isn't a good thing either. Also, EXO's music style kind of reminds of Super Junior. Wae ee long go ya??? Am I the only one who's noticing it?! Or am I just going crazier by the minute and imagining things?! They're good though! Their songs are catchy and I listened to them for a good 2 days... just 3 songs in 2 days played over and over. I'm really getting weird.

Oh, I haven't updated this blog last week coz I was really frustrated with the EMA stuff. I sincerely, honestly, voted my limit in 3 different browsers everyday in 4 sites and on the Facebook app too. It was difficult but I knew I had to endure. I also know that I wasn't alone... that in the whole world, many ELFs and fans from other fandoms voted and that they might have felt the same way after hearing the news. But I was really really frustrated coz this was the first thing I ever did for Super Junior (aside from buying their album) and it failed horribly. Ah!!! Chincha!!! There's no use blaming anyone though TT TT TT TT TT TT 

Hangeng gege, chukha-e! =)

Hyukjae-a, oedi issoeni?

A day after I tried to search for clips of Hyukjae-a in Busan, he started uploading a photo of himself with an "as a tourist" caption on his Twitter account. So I figured maybe he wasn't present during the film festival because he was busy preparing for his family's vacation. I'm happy he gets to spend time with his family. After all, in almost all of his earlier appearances on variety shows he has emphasized that his family is really important to him and that he loves his family dearly. I can still remember how he screams out "that's my mom's" and "that's my noona's" while happily looking at the prizes at stake in one of the variety shows he appeared in. Isn't he thoughtful? =)

Hyukjae oppa, I hope you're having a good time in Europe. Ahpeujima!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

SUJU in Busan International Film Festival

So I was watching the local broadcast of Busan International Film Festival this year a few minutes ago and I was so happy to see Super Junior on blue carpet!

But, where is my bias??? I googled photos and videos of suju and indeed! Hyukjae-a wasn't there. I wonder why. Sungmin, Kangin, Shindong, Ryeowook were also not there! Anyway, I was delighted to see Teuk oppa in dark hair... Kyaaaaaaaa!!! Our leader is so handsome! Also, he is very kind, helping a fan who fell. 

I just wish my bias was there. He would totally rock the whole suit outfit. Well, he does look good in everything he wears! So me imagining him donning a suit would be magical but to illustrate, iroke:

Kekekekke. I'm sorry I couldn't place him next to Donghae hahaha! Anyway, Donghae declared eunhae already broke up in one of his UFO replies ROFL. See? Uri Hyukjae-a should've been there too! I'm sure he went! LOL. Maybe he just wasn't in the clip that I saw on TV... or something T.T I'll research in a while :) Hahahah!

Dream Kpop Fantasy Concert is ON!

No, this won't be the last time I'm doing a post on DKFC. 

I mean really! They've just made an official website. CLICK HERE to visit the site courtesy of Ms. Happee Sy and company. I'm pretty sure they've worked hard for this withstanding the numerous "reklamo" and "ka-ek-ekan" of all fandoms and fans including yours truly. So Ms. Happee Sy, thank you so much for all the effort. You might not be reading this but hey! All Pinoy KFans should be at the very least, glad to have you in our country =) I'm not only glad, I'm happy and thankful! Unnie, chungmal kumawo yo.

So, where was I? Right! DKFC has finally released all the juicy information (line-up) and the not so juicy information (ticket prices! seat plan standing plan? LOL). Since the concert will be at SM Mall of Asia Open Grounds, the rest of the tickets will be standing except for the VIP Diamond tickets whose lucky buyers will be seated in an elevated platform like kings and queens! Here is the seat plan (it's very weird to use this term right now):

To further add, the ticket pre-selling is happening in Manila miles away as I am making this entry! Not too comforting, huh? But I'm definitely staying up til late tonight to check on SM Tickets, Ticket World and Ticketnet websites to purchase our tickets. I definitely want to be in SUPER VIP! I am highly anticipating the feeling of being sandwiched between two stages where our idols would be performing. Never mind the fact that I'd have to stand up all throughout the concert! I just have to dress comfortably and definitely wear sneakers so people can step on me and I can step on them too. Hahahaha!!! Here are the ticket prices:

VIP Standing : 11,370
VIP Diamond Elevated Seat: 11,370
Platinum : 9,310
Gold : 6,210
Silver : 3,110
Bronze : 1,040

All prices quoted are in PHP and are inclusive of ticketing charges. Considering the number of artists going, the price is a-okay. But I swear, I'd pay much much more to see super junior on stage and MBAQ too!!! What can I do??? The producers weren't able to think about it or maybe their budget wasn't at par with the talent fees of much "older" groups LOL. It may also be that SM Entertainment rejected the offer or God knows why they didn't include super junior in the line-up. It's not my DREAM concert nor my FANTASY concert so I guess it'd just be Kpop Concert for me :( 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dream Kpop Fantasy Concert in Manila


A Kpop concert is happening in my country. The sad thing is I'm no longer there. Otokke? I am very sure I won't be able to let it pass this time. Not when I already have a job and no longer find it necessary to whine for concert tickets from my family. This time, I'm working my ass off.

The initial set of articles from various sources got me all thrilled and decided. Groups like Shinee, SNSD, EXO-K, EXO-M, 2PM, F(x), CN Blue and of course, super junior sounded oh so tempting. My college buddies, who are very well into the hallyu wave earlier than I did (I'm a late bloomer XD) were also ecstatic with the thought of super junior finally coming back to Manila after SS3. This, I concluded, would have to be the fantasy of all fantasies, dream of all dreams of a concert! Never mind the redundancy of adding "dream" to the initial concert name which was Kpop Fantasy Concert. Such overkill!

As I meticulously tracked down legit sources, my ecstasy froze cold, my busy mind suffered stroke and my oh so hyper-inflated heart burst altogether. It turns out that there were only two groups initially confirmed for DKFC. SM Entertainment's SNSD and EXO (both EXO-K and EXO-M) were already confirmed for the concert. All other groups were *pending* and *in the process*. More than being in a state of shock, I was in a state of panic and curiosity. Why is super junior not yet confirmed when they're in the same company with SNSD and EXO? Sulma... hokshi... super junior was not really included in the line-up and the articles mentioning them to be part of DKFC didn't have reliable sources? My feelings at that time were complicated and mixed. Anguish, sorrow, worry, hope, fear, faith and lots more! I knew I had to be patient if I wanted to know the final line-up.

After patiently checking Ms. Happee Sy's twitter and facebook accounts as well as Sir Alex Bam's blog and facebook account, the real line-up has emerged.








I was really devastated with the thought of not having suju included. Although I had a feeling they won't be in the line-up, I still hoped for them to be. On the brighter side, I am quite excited for SNSD and Tasty. SNSD is really popular in the Philippines and I'm happy for all the Filipino SOnes since it will be the first time SNSD will hold a concert there. And why am I excited for Tasty? Simply because they're TASTY in all sense of the word! Check out their debut song entitled "You Know Me" (Noe na Ara) and their swag! Oh right! They're also twins ^____^ Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

How It All Started

Although I've already "heard" of them during their most glorious days (sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry. naega, naega, naega), I've never really paid them enough attention. Sure I see them frequently on MTV and MYX while I was still in Cebu and I admit their songs are rather catchy but I didn't quite expect that I'd come to like them the way I do now.

It all started when I ran out of korean dramas to watch. Not that I've watched all korean dramas but I couldn't find a drama with an interesting plot at that time. After a few hours of surfing drama portals, I came upon a korean tv show, we got married. I had just finished watching i do, i do, a korean drama starring Kim Sun-a and Lee Jang-Woo. Let's not deny it... Jang-Woo's handsome and upon seeing his name paired up with T-Ara's Eunjung, I've decided to see how Jang-Woo really is with girls. I was quite excited at first but I couldn't get pass through the 3rd episode. The pair had chemistry but I wasn't all hyped up about them being together. This lead me to browse other couples of the same season... brave couple... TeukSo couple... chakaman! Burago? Leeteuk was being paired with Kang Sora!!! I thought Leeteuk was *ahem*! I can't bring myself to say it now but I've always blabbered about it back in the days (teukie, are you reading? no, not leeteuk but our baby girl, teukie!). This would be interesting! 

I really enjoyed the TeukSo couple. I can never forget the pet names and how Hyukjae, Donghae, Sungmin and Kyuhun reacted upon hearing them... how they would always barge in when they see that the atmosphere is awkward during the couple's first meeting. They brought loads of laughter and fun to the show. That's when I first took interest in super junior. It was through Teuk oppa that I've come to know them. He was my first bias in super junior before Hyukjae. Oppa, even now that I'm leaning towards one of your dongsaengs, always remember that I still look for you in MVs, fancams, show cuts and many more!!! Teuk oppa, for introducing me to super junior, chungmal kumawo yo.

Monday, October 8, 2012

The Unboxing of SF&S

life is like a box of chocolates super junior!

Yes! Amidst the typhoon, the cold and the 3-hour waiting time at the train station was a HAPPY me. It felt like I was opening a present on a Christmas morning when in reality, I was opening a self-bought album of super junior in wet clothes sipping on caramel iced latte. 

I planned on getting version A but the ahjussi owner of the hallyu store I frequent in Osu-Kannon didn't have it. I was pretty much dismayed at first. Say goodbye to the 80 pages of visuals (ding!). On the other hand, I couldn't let go of version B - tightly gripping it while in panic looking for version A all over the store! Aaahhh... chungmal opso??!! So I decided to buy it anyway along with the SPY repackage of SEXY FREE & SINGLE, MBLAQ's Monalisa, MBLAQ's First Special DVD (still, Monalisa) and MBLAQ's BLAQ%ver repackage of 100%ver. I immediately got 22 points on my membership card (hooray!) so I get a thousand yen off on my next purchase. I can still remember the very first item I bought from ahjussi's hallyu store - a Lee Min Ho plastic folder ROFL.

The packaging and the concept was chic!!! I love how toned down and earthy the colors are. I was innocently browsing the photo book when I thumbed across what seemed to be a card. I didn't dare to look at who it was as I was chanting "let it be hyukjae! let it be hyukjae!" in my damned mind. Open your eyes and voila! I got Yesung! Hahahaha! When the only signature I recognize among all of super junior's signatures failed to surface, I thought I was doomed! But when I flipped the card over and saw Yesung's face - aaaahh! Yesung! I surprisingly didn't feel bad at all. 

The album is good. It has 10 tracks and I swear I've lost count on how many times it has been played in the car @.@ !!! My personal favorites are the title song, "from u", "rockstar", "guilliver", "butterfly" and "daydream". The title song is also great but it would have to be my 3rd favorite song - first being "from u" and "daydream" coming in second. Technically, this is the first super junior album I've ever bought for myself and I'm pretty happy with it. I heard it's not the first time super junior gets boxed? Haha! Oh well, I'd have to look for that other album in the months to come. Although I've come to like this rather charming set of oppas 7 years late, I plan to stick around for as long as I can. 

A new E.L.F. is nonetheless an E.L.F.