Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dream Kpop Fantasy Concert in Manila


A Kpop concert is happening in my country. The sad thing is I'm no longer there. Otokke? I am very sure I won't be able to let it pass this time. Not when I already have a job and no longer find it necessary to whine for concert tickets from my family. This time, I'm working my ass off.

The initial set of articles from various sources got me all thrilled and decided. Groups like Shinee, SNSD, EXO-K, EXO-M, 2PM, F(x), CN Blue and of course, super junior sounded oh so tempting. My college buddies, who are very well into the hallyu wave earlier than I did (I'm a late bloomer XD) were also ecstatic with the thought of super junior finally coming back to Manila after SS3. This, I concluded, would have to be the fantasy of all fantasies, dream of all dreams of a concert! Never mind the redundancy of adding "dream" to the initial concert name which was Kpop Fantasy Concert. Such overkill!

As I meticulously tracked down legit sources, my ecstasy froze cold, my busy mind suffered stroke and my oh so hyper-inflated heart burst altogether. It turns out that there were only two groups initially confirmed for DKFC. SM Entertainment's SNSD and EXO (both EXO-K and EXO-M) were already confirmed for the concert. All other groups were *pending* and *in the process*. More than being in a state of shock, I was in a state of panic and curiosity. Why is super junior not yet confirmed when they're in the same company with SNSD and EXO? Sulma... hokshi... super junior was not really included in the line-up and the articles mentioning them to be part of DKFC didn't have reliable sources? My feelings at that time were complicated and mixed. Anguish, sorrow, worry, hope, fear, faith and lots more! I knew I had to be patient if I wanted to know the final line-up.

After patiently checking Ms. Happee Sy's twitter and facebook accounts as well as Sir Alex Bam's blog and facebook account, the real line-up has emerged.








I was really devastated with the thought of not having suju included. Although I had a feeling they won't be in the line-up, I still hoped for them to be. On the brighter side, I am quite excited for SNSD and Tasty. SNSD is really popular in the Philippines and I'm happy for all the Filipino SOnes since it will be the first time SNSD will hold a concert there. And why am I excited for Tasty? Simply because they're TASTY in all sense of the word! Check out their debut song entitled "You Know Me" (Noe na Ara) and their swag! Oh right! They're also twins ^____^ Enjoy!