Sunday, October 21, 2012

Super VIP Tickets

Finally, finally!!! We had purchased our tickets for Dream Kpop Fantasy Concert. We were really confused whether to get the seated tickets or the SVIP tickets. Guess what? A day after the pre-selling, the seated tickets were SOLD OUT! Kekekeke. We'd have to endure standing up in the mosh pits for n hours (I still don't know how long the concert will be, but I hope it'll be really really long! LOL). 

After the tickets were purchased, I happily started doing my homework which means that I'd have to familiarize myself with the artists who will perform. Apart from Super Junior and MBLAQ, and oh! CN Blue too, I don't think I completely know members and names of other Kpop groups. I'm relatively a new fangirl! HAHAHAHA! So I started watching videos of EXO-K first... and realized I am "corrupting minors" literally. I'm usually not a fan of artists who are younger than me but my God, Kai! And why am I always attracted to those members who dance well?! What the hell. I totally love how he danced in "What is Love" and the way he looked at the camera (he looked at me? ROFL) in "History". He kind of reminds me of Hyukjae-a which isn't a bad thing but isn't a good thing either. Also, EXO's music style kind of reminds of Super Junior. Wae ee long go ya??? Am I the only one who's noticing it?! Or am I just going crazier by the minute and imagining things?! They're good though! Their songs are catchy and I listened to them for a good 2 days... just 3 songs in 2 days played over and over. I'm really getting weird.

Oh, I haven't updated this blog last week coz I was really frustrated with the EMA stuff. I sincerely, honestly, voted my limit in 3 different browsers everyday in 4 sites and on the Facebook app too. It was difficult but I knew I had to endure. I also know that I wasn't alone... that in the whole world, many ELFs and fans from other fandoms voted and that they might have felt the same way after hearing the news. But I was really really frustrated coz this was the first thing I ever did for Super Junior (aside from buying their album) and it failed horribly. Ah!!! Chincha!!! There's no use blaming anyone though TT TT TT TT TT TT 

Hangeng gege, chukha-e! =)


  1. i hope you would do your homework on ukiss...

  2. hahahah! i've been trying to put it off. you might kill me after i do my homework! you wouldn't wanna know to whom my eyes were glued on XD