Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Transit Tour in Korea

I'll be travelling via Korean Air on my way home this coming November (HAPPY HALLOWEEN!) and I've got lots of time in my hands before my flight to Cebu. Actually, 4 hours isn't that much but I'm not sure If I can stay put in Incheon International Airport that long. Four years ago, I spent my transit hours surfing the net, visiting duty free shops (they have like more than 50!!!) and eating KFC. The eating KFC part was really memorable. My brother and I weren't able to finish eating our order. It was just too spicy. I guess I should be careful this time around! Haha!

I was blabbing about how I'd spend my 4 hours when my father told me that there are such things as transit tours in Korea. He told me my uncle got into one instead of spending 12 hours inside the airport. Anyone who has a valid passport can join the tour. Thanks to Visit Korea, I was able to read up on the said transit tours. I was really eyeing for the 4-hour tour to the filming set of Full House. But then again, that'd be way too dangerous as I might not be able to board my plane. Or wait... it might just be fun to have no choice but to stay in Korea for a valid reason! Haha! Although I'm very sure my plans would be all messed up and my baggage would be unclaimed in Cebu. Pffffft.

I hope I can get to Seoul during my transit hours. I am still not able to decide which tour to take.

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