Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Meeting Infinite's Jang Dongwoo (Dream KPOP Fantasy Concert)

By the time I've started on this post, I've already devoured at least one slice of pizza and my heart, tummy and mind can now concentrate on nothing else aside from doing this post LOL.

Ok. So... aside from literally watching everything I can watch online about Infinite, reading bios, reading articles and doing my fanfan (fanboard) 7 hours before my friends and I started lining up at the concert venue, nothing and I mean NOTHING('s over LOL) has prepared me for Jan.19, 2013.

First of all, NEVER IN MY WILDEST DREAMS did I imagine that Infinite would perform first for Dream KPOP Fantasy Concert. So when the huge LCD monitors started showing Infinite, I thought to myself "oh goody! Infinite vids are shown first!" keunde... buya!!! They started appearing on the concert stage out of nowhere. So what happened was I was in a state of SHOCK + PANIC. I didn't load up the batteries to my camera yet in the hopes of CONSERVING ENERGY for endless DONGWOO moments... loaded the meager 512mb of the damned Pro Duo memory stick instead of the 4GB because I was reserving the latter for DONGWOO later. What the heck's happening? LOL.

So when they started performing, I started fumbling with my camera and even attempted to look for it INSIDE MY BAG when in fact I had it HOOKED ON THE SLING for easy access! Easy access my ass! Maybe I should start to receive training for loading up guns so I'd do good with loading up cameras in the fastest time possible - for when emergencies like this occur! 

I can't even remember when I remembered to look for Dongwoo specifically but I did anyway. I mean, it's not that I didn't see him... it's just that the crowd was noisy.. I was noisy... and I clicked even without looking at what I was taking (resulting to above photos) because I so wanted to just stop the whole camera thing and savor the moment. I had a really hard time pushing my way (sorry to all those I've stepped on, pushed, violently hit with my elbow... if there were any) to see Dongwoo up close!

Sorry but while Dongwoo was busy getting sexy and all, I don't know what L was trying to do. Anyhoo, it was so hard to get a really good picture of Dongwoo. Aside from they're all moving and stuff, Dongwoo was SO HIS USUAL SELF that night that I had to run all over the place and stomp stomp stomp. All of these while carrying my fanfan and my Infinite lightstick and raising up my arm to continue taking shots and videos too. 

So maybe while I was taking this picture I was screaming or something. Should it have been Dongwoo's fault, he should be the only one blurred (like if he was moving, dancing, etc... which he was actually) but everything in this picture is blurred. So therefore I conclude that it was me HYPERVENTILATING. Ok, calm down. Remember that you have asthma and you don't have your inhaler hooked to your sling FOR EASY ACCESS!

See? Everything's better when he's not looking at me (wish ko lang!) or looking my way or something! These are the times when I wish I had wings or a multiple entry pass so I can run my way to PLATINUM too.

This pretty baby is for my chinggu who on the way to her beloved bias STUMBLED UPON SEATED EARTHLINGS. So even though I knew she did encounter a problem, I chose to ignore it - her rather and focus on my unhindered path to her bias to take snapshots for her. God, he is so handsome up close and I could almost raise up my hands to touch him but first thing's first! Gotta take pics for my chinggu! We'll deal with whatever problems you've STUMBLED upon later. 

I'm really quite jealous of myself for taking a pretty good couple of shots of Sungyeol and I can't even manage to get one... just one decent shot of my bias! Dongwoo kept on going to the left mosh pit and we were on the right mosh pit. It seemed that they've assigned people to go left or right or something like that cuz Sungyeol and Sungjong were always the ones on our side of the mosh pit. It really made me sad. He wasn't even able to see my fanboard! So what I did was to always flash it - maybe, just maybe one Infinite member would be able to see it and tell him about it? UGH! I'm too hopeless! Tell him someone thinks he's cool jaebal! 

And oh, I have to mention this. The sound system was soooooooooooo PAHAMAK! I don't know what happened but it was really such a shame! It stopped during 2 of the songs they performed! Leader Gyu was panicked and all while I can almost die of shame. I mean, come on, Philippines! It's the first time Infinite is coming to you and this is what you have to offer. I just hope they'd still come back for another performance. 

Jang Dongwoo, jaebal turawa!!! I'm not done yet - I haven't shown you my fanboard and I haven't taken a decent photo of you yet!!! NOTHING'S OVER :D

Dream KPOP Fantasy Concert 2013

Five days ago, I was more than excited to finally be back in Pinas after 2 months most especially because this time, I’d be able to spend days with my closest of friends and of course, 2 days later one of the biggest events of my 2013 life… Dream Kpop Fantasy Concert will finally happen.

So the first few days passed by rather quickly and before I knew it, it was the eve before DKFC. Since we spent our free days gallivanting around the city and screaming our hearts out at Enchanted Kingdom, we only had one night to do our fanboards. Although we were very tired from our trip to Enchanted Kingdom, we couldn’t risk showing up for the concert without fanboards. That’d be a total waste! So you’d have an idea how we look like during concert day as well as how our fanboards looked like, here’s a photo we took while waiting in line.

We were already at Mall of Asia by 7:30 and on our way to the Open Grounds area. We knew people would already be there but we didn’t expect that there’d already be lots of them! From guards to KPOP fanraphernalia vendors and fans… parents who support their kids bringing along chairs, food, water… the location was super crowded. And all of this commotion occurred in the morning – roughly 7 hours before gates were officially said to be open! 

Seeing as we were without PARENTAL support (LOL), we decided to lay down the 2 mats I bought a few months earlier so we could squat. We also ordered meals with drinks and bought water from McDonald’s a few meters away. That kept us hydrated and full for a good number of hours. We had to drink up all the water cuz water bottles were not permitted inside the concert area.

By 3pm, things started to get CRAZY, SCARY and HOT. Why? Blame EXO! LOL. Before they came out, everyone was just lining up. Although the line wasn’t organized and wasn’t clear cut, at least people weren’t pushing each other! Fans started screaming when the dressing room curtains started swinging! Whether it’s the PD, the managers, the back-up dancers, the make-up artists, the crew… even bouncers swing them open, fans went wild in anticipation. It was really funny at first but I started to get tired cuz I couldn’t see a thing and I was going deaf! Aside from that, all kinds of smell surrounded me resulting to me tiptoe-ing just to get some fresh air! Everyone was also very sweaty at that point in time so it was really torture! It was already past 4pm and we still weren’t allowed to get inside the concert area. All of us were already pissed off. Whoever organized the concert should really be ORGANIZED. There was NO PROPER LINE. Everyone’s pushing each other – pushing forward, pushing to the side, etc!. By 5pm, the guards decided to have everyone fall in one line. If you ask me, they should've thought of that as soon as concert-goers started showing up! It was really really frustrating. Everyone was already agitated since it was past 3pm and less than an hour before the concert was supposed to start.

I can't remember what time we were able to BREAK FREE... I mean, get inside the concert grounds but it was such a relief! Finally, there was air and space and air and space and more air, more space!!! Weirdly, the right mosh pit (facing the concert stage) was only half full. We didn't quite expect it to be that empty. Maybe because most SVIPs were informed that their line was on the other side (left mosh pit) and thus, there were only few SVIPs to occupy the mosh pit we were in. How the left mosh pit looks like, I couldn't see. The walkway was quite high and unless you climb onto the railings, you can't touch the walkway. 

The concert started with a few Maroon 5 covers performed by Mike Chan and one song from his upcoming (?) album. I really can't remember what songs he performed cuz I was too excited to see Infinite LOL. The second performer was a dance group. Again, I can't remember their name, nor how many dancers there were. I only remembered that they did dance to Super Junior's Bonamana :) That made me really happy and contented. Although Super Junior was not part of the line-up, they were still with us, INSPIRIT. LOL.

All in all, the concert was FANTASTIC!!! There was a lot of running, screaming, fanboard waving, jumping and hand-raising involved but it was truly fun! I enjoyed it so much and I swear all the waiting and frustration involved made it worth it. Before we were let in, my friends and I (but mostly me) kept saying "I swear, this will be the first and the last KPOP concert I'm gonna attend" and stuff like that but whew! It was so much fun that I'd do it all over again to see Dongwoo!!!

I'm gonna do a separate post for nae mameul when INFINITE performed hahahaha! :) 

composed: 01/22/2013

Monday, January 14, 2013

Attack on the Pin-up Boys

Because I was bored and had nothing to do, I decided to watch some more shows featuring Super Junior. I started with a Chinese show featuring Super Junior M but I ended up with watching Attack on the Pin-up Boys LOL. I figured I had to stick to really really short ones since I had to get back to my normal sleep schedule to get myself ready for my flight this Wednesday. So, I happily finished this movie.

I've got to admit, the movie was hilarious - plot and characters!

We had flower boy Sungmin whose amazing hairstyle nearly caused me to spill my junk food all over my laptop, another flowerboy - Heechul who IS part of a DANCE TEAM in the movie, Hangeng who was just hot all over LOL, Ryeowook who's appearance reminded me of Fidel Ramos' hairstyle (no offense intended :p), Yesung who's a rockstar, Siwon who's the student body president, Kangin - a Judo club leader who seems to be undergoing a slump, nae sarang Eunhyuk and Shindong who had quirky roles and Donghae and Kibum who both appeared to be the main cast :)

Well, the plot can be summed up by one word: ttong (meaning shi*t). If I start explaining, there probably won't be any fun when you watch it for yourself later so I'll stop here. The movie seems really simple, comedic and shallow. But for me, there's more to the story than that.

The movie bought me back to my highschool years and how life was back then. In one word, it was monotonous. Well, I do agree that it'd definitely depend on what type of student you were. As for me, I was a really good student. Haha! Believe me, the only napeun thing I did in highschool was having the entire class practice outside of school for our Florante and Laura play but hey! It was a competition and although out of campus practices were prohibited, I didn't have any choice haha! The second thing was stealing a photo from the bulletin board. And yes, it was a photo of a guy I had a crush on :D

Wouldn't you agree? We'd all have to attend the same flag raising ceremony every morning, sing the same set of songs, pray the same prayers, show up for the same class in the same sequence from 7am to 5pm in a matter of 4 years. But what made highschool really shine in my memory is the fact that in those 4 years, you've met all kinds of people - made friends with some, fought with some, loved some, hated some. Highschoolers have their own world. They have their own cliques, subgroups - the nerds, the varsity players, the techies, the fangirls and so on. And among all those groups of students, some people really shine and stand out. Either he's the guitar player who makes all the girls go gooey whenever he plays his guitar, the basketball player who captures every girl's heart shooting hoops, the straight A student who makes everyone fall for the beauty of his mind, the pretty boy whose face no one can get out of one's head, etc. They will always be the notable ones, the ones who set the trend and the ones admired. I think each one of us, at one point in our highschool life has dreamt of being one of them. Of course in the movie, it is really evident... maybe because of their culture? I am not sure but these POPULAR KIDS scenario is really really dominant in Korean, Chinese and Japanese movies and dramas. Imagine the pressure the non-popular bunch feel. It must have been horrible to the point of them actually making efforts to be a popular kid at school. And imagine the pressure the popular kids feel - to live up to everyone's expectations, to maintain their image, to never go through a slump. 

Yes, high school is fun but it can also be scary. 

Wonder Boy (OST)

You can choose your future
The concept of your life
I'm doing well, I'm a fine person.
Trust yourself. Look into the mirror
With the light glimmering around
You as you smile

There could be a sad memories that make you cry
Don't forget that you have a shoulder to lean on in this world
I have the whole world in my heart... 
Lets keep running. For tomorrow, for our future
To become a shining light under the sun
I'm Wonder Boy! Yeah! 

He always has a secret but it's
Easy to find the answers dance with me.
Just move your body to the music.
Don't be afraid, Girl
You don't have to fear
Anything except fear itself

There could be a sad memories that make you cry
I'm the one who'll start and end it.
Let there be light and become a shining star
The sun is welcoming me with rays of light... 
I just need one umbrella and that'll be fine
Don't hide your tears from me. Yeah! 
You can lean on my shoulder and cry out loud
Looking at the crimson red sun setting in the sky... 

It's a spectacle that the heavens have given me
There's no end. A bright future lies ahead of you
The sun bathes me with it's warm light under the blue sky
I just need one umbrella and that'll be fine
To become a shining light under the sun

Lalala, lalalalala, lalalala, 
Lalalala, lalalalala, lalalalala

The sun is welcoming me with rays of light... 
I just need one umbrella
And that'll be fine
I'm Wonder Boy! Yeah!

My Fan-Fan DKFC Fanboard

I was listening to this while making this entry LOL.


So it's exactly 3:30 am here in Japan and I am still up. Gaaaaaa.

No, I'm not watching anything. I was watching Super Junior Foresight a few minutes ago ;) The pressure of not breaking the facial mask I had on while trying to endure Kyuhun's endless sharp comments & the hilarious Secret Garden parody they had I could definitely endure. But by episode 12 the subs were quite off and I was already struggling trying to understand Korean. So I had to give up and think of something else to do. That's when I was able to think of printing JANG DONGWOO, YOU'RE SO COOL! and INFINITE IS AWESOME in hangul. 

I can't read (okay, maybe some but not all!) and definitely not write hangul. Thankfully, there's good old Google and I just had to type "Jang Dongwoo" in the search bar and voila! Wiki provided me with his name in hangul :) I've decided to stick to INFINITE in roman characters since I'm pretty sure they'd be able to read and recognize their own group name when I start waiving my fan board LOL. But I wanted to write their name in their font. Fortunately, I found the font and downloaded it. It looks like this:

You may download it from here. I am not sure if this is the official font though. I'm not even sure if Kpop groups do keep their group name's font the same all throughout :p 

Now comes the tricky part. How should I say "You're so cool" in Korean? Hahaha! I've heard it countless of times but I have no idea how it differs from "You're awesome" or "You're so good". So through Yahoo Answers, I found three very useful answers:

I am still truly amazed at how easy it is for us to translate things these days. I bet if one is really determined, one can study a whole new language system without the aid of books! LOL. I've had my fair share of that determination and even borrowed an "Elementary Korean" language learning book from Nagoya International Center in the hopes of finally being able to understand at least the basics of Korean language. Luck of all luck, the CD that came along with the book was "unavailable" according to the librarian. I still borrowed the book without the CD and realized that the book didn't have romanization (meaning words were translated from English directly to Hangul) and has been that way since the author said you can never capture the true pronunciation of a certain Korean word through converting it to roman characters. To this, I definitely agree... I mean they had "mm" which was different from "m", "pp" which almost came close to b (which is why, sometimes I think I hear "oba" instead of "oppa" in dramas), "apa" (dad) and "apa" (hurt, pain) and so on and so forth. Tricky tricky tricky! LOL. And so after about 2 weeks? I decided to close the book and return it. Hahaha! Maybe in the coming years, I will finally be determined enough to learn the language. That'll be after I learn the Japanese language though. My whole family is like you're-in-japan-and-a-permanent-resident-at-that-but-you're-crazy-you're-trying-to-learn-korean mode. 

Going back to the fanboard business, I've decided to go with "meoshisoyo" for Dongwoo and "daebak" for INFINITE. I have no idea if I've chosen well but it is true that I think Dongwoo is cool/awesome/hot as the answer said!!! And what's up with the "yo"? I'm older than him by a year! Hahaha. But we're not close and I remember Heechul saying something about the fans being disrespectful (though he was being playful about it) while shouting "saranghae" instead of "saranghaeyo" LOL. I wouldn't want to be one of those fans hahaha! Also, I am not putting I LOVE YOU on my fanboard because I don't think I should tell him that yet ROFL. Really, I'm still new at this whole fangirling thing and I'm sure my boyfriend is gonna get one hell of a shock too! I'd better straighten up and reserve the whole I LOVE YOU thing for him. For "daebak", I"ll be waiving it when they'll do their awesome dance choreo :) Hopefully they'll do BTD and I'll see their scorpion dance for myself. Read more on what daebak means and what the heck it is here.

After finally deciding which words to use and researching how to write those Korean words in hangul, let's move on to the fonts. It's quite difficult to find CUTE Korean fonts online. Initially, I thought of just blowing up the words and keut! But I just had to tweak it a little - it looked so boring. I found this site which has Korean fonts that are nomo nomo kyeo-o. I chose UhBee Namsoyoung because I needed my font to be thick. Otherwise, Infinite won't be able to read it. So after blowing up to font size 200, 180 (I was trying to estimate and I had to make sure it'd fit my fan-fan fanboard):

I have yet to transfer and trace them them onto neon yellow stickers or if I won't be able to find stickers, colored paper. Yellow because Infinite's color is Metal Gold and since I have more luck finding yellow than gold, I'd stick with yellow LOL. But if I'd be able to come upon gold... jooha!!! 

Saturday, January 12, 2013

2013, You're Being Too Good!

Photo courtesy of KPOP Concert Philippines

Teka lang ha... akala ko ba isa isa lang bwahaha! Hindi sa nagrereklamo naiiyak na nga ako sa saya eh! kyakyakyakyakya!

Eto pa yung caption ng photo:

After Dream KPOP Fantasy Concert on January 19, 2013 at MOA Concert Grounds, every 2 months.
2PM, CNBlue and Super Junior's solo Concerts in Manila 2013.

2PM - What Time Is It Tour in Manila on March 2, 2013 (Saturday) at MOA Arena - 8:00pm.

Just when I'm living outside the Philippines... tsaka naman ako naging KPOP Fan at nagkaganito ang schedule bwahaha! Di bale... whatever happens, uuwi ako for Super Junior :) Why? Why shouldn't I just watch it here in Ilbong? 

First, ang hirap kaya makakuha ng ticket dito! :o Lalo na pag SUJU. Dapat magregister ka muna sa ELF Japan para makasali ka sa pre-selling. Biro mo, ang pre-selling ng Winter Concert ng K.R.Y dito sold out online in a matter of minutes!? And they had to open 2 or 3 more dates ba yun coz in demand nga... bongga! Di ko pa ma-figure out ang site ng ELF Japan... pag-aaralan ko muna :) Last time nag-attempt ako mag-register, di ko makuha kung ano ibig sabihin ng "phonetic name". After signing up sa Etude House, ayun! Katakana/Hiragana pala. Yung "kanji" nalang yung problema ko. LOL! 

Second, hindi appealing mag fangirl mag-isa especially na si EUNHYUK na yan! Malaking kasalanan yun. Haha! Di rin naman kilala ng nanay, tatay, ate at kuya ko si EUNHYUK kasi si Shindong lang kilala nila hahaha! Sinong kaharutan ko dito aber??? 

TAMA si Ms. Happee...


Pagkatapos ng DKFC, may iba na namang pagnanasaan pag-iipunan :o 


My DKFC Survival Kit

After the above posting and after reading THIS VERY HELPFUL BLOG ENTRY (wise words indeed!), I realized that this concert is bigger than what I had in mind. Surely, I acknowledge that having 6 KPOP groups is big enough as it is. Hajiman, nothing compares to surviving a sea of fans who are as determined and as micheoso as you. And to fuel the fire, I learned through the many Facebook accounts that I liked and subscribed to that the 15,000th ticket holder who purchased from SM Tickets will win an all expense paid trip to South Korea (visa and all!). I'm not complaining with the winning part - though I don't think any of my friends nor I will fatefully be the 15,000th ticket holder - but with the 15,000 part. If SM Tickets alone sold at least 15,000 tickets not including tickets sold from Ticket World, Ticket Net, PULP Live... how many fangirls and fanboys are coming then?!!! This has got to be the BIGGEST concert I'll ever watch! 

A few hours ago, I was calmly watching Infinite Ranking King and laughing my ass off but buya ige!!?? I'm all stressed out as it slowly slowly sinks in. This concert will no doubt be FUN but first, you'd have to face the harsh reality. Apart from the queue, I'd have to pack light and pack efficiently. And so, following Ms. Kring's guidelines, I've decided to pack the following items in my bag:

  • Paracetamol - No pain relievers for me unless I want Dongwoo to see my LABHAG and all bloated up face. I'll never know what'll happen during the concert - I can have a mental breakdown at the sight of **** ******* or I can suffer serious physical injuries from other fans or myself (self-inflicted teh??)
  • Oil Blotting Sheets - self explanatory! LOL
  • Shiseido's Moi Lip - popo hagu ;)
  • Cellphone with extra Globe and Smart sim cards - read Ms. Kring's blog to know why :p
  • Money 
  • Camera - to take some photos kekeke! & to assist Ayet filming UKiss. I'm still praying for a DVD release... jaebal! so we can enjoy the concert fully :)
  • Hair brush
  • Face Powder
  • Folding Umbrella & Raincoat (?)
  • Folding Mat - I got 2 mats last month since I had a feeling they won't allow us to bring chairs and right! They don't allow chairs in.
  • Fanraphernalia - term courtesy of Ms. Kring :) Ahhhmm.. it won't fit in my bag but it's not big. I'm talking about my fanboard/banner which in my case is a fan-fan cuz it's literally a fan which is 30cm by 42cm and it's a fan's fan hence fan-fan :p I accidentally saw it in one of the malls here while I was asked to buy soft crayons LOL. I was amazed cuz they had one stall devoted solely to fangirling... light sticks, TVXQ neon stickers that you can just stick to your board/banner if you're too tired to make them yourself, YUNHO in katakana characters, binoculars, all kinds of stickers! Daebak ya. In the end I bought 4 fans and these cute stickers. Just recently, I realized, through Ayet's seemingly non-sense yet I can see that they're sensible now questions that there are 5 of us and I only bought 4! LOL!

The more I think about the concert, the more fidgetty I get. I don't know if it's because I'd finally be able to meet Seohyun (who once paired up with THE Yonghwa for WGM), Kai (who was able to practice and dance and eventually form a group with nae sarang), Tasty (twins twins twins) or Dongwoo (wae? no explanation needed). Whatever and whoever it is that's getting me restless... in the words of Hoya.. EGOMONINA!!!!!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Infinite H: Special Girl

Infinite's subgroup, INFINITE H composed of Dongwoo and Hoya :) I loved the teaser and I adore the video. I super love the play of colors. It reminds me of Girls Generation & Shinee's Replay somehow. I don't know why though. Haha! Here's to hoping that they'll perform this during Dream KPOP Fantasy Concert this Jan.19!!! 

P.S. Love the dance! The thing with Infinite is that you'll always remember the dance somehow! I included videos for Be Mine and BTD (Before the Dawn) which are also my personal favorites cuz of the dancing :)

Infinite H- Special Girl Teaser

Infinite H- Special Girl

Infinite- Be Mine

Infinite- BTD (Before the Dawn)

And here's their practice video haha! They're really cool esp. when they do the scorpion dance :)
Oh.. I love the thumbnail! Dongwooooo?? :)

Dongwoo Joins the C.L.U.B.

Okay... My BIAS CLUB is really really growing. Who or what to blame... molla. All I know is Infinite's Jang Dongwoo is definitely easing his way in!!! Oettoke.. another *all out* mameul to another namja!!! Oettokajjjeeee??!! 

So how has this goofy dorky ex dance seonsaengnim eased his way into my BIAS CLUB? I honestly don't know! *__* Initially, I was only being a good fangirl and watched their MVs, shows and other broadcasts along with Girls Generation, UKiss, Tahiti, Tasty and EXO K & M. I thought I'd adore Leader Gyu and well, I did at first. Kunde.... kampchageeee... 

Jang Dongwoo
Position: Rapper
Fan Nickname: Woonique
Birthdate: November 22, 1990
Star Sign: Sagittarius
Height: 175cm
Blood Type: A
Hobbies: Skateboarding
Talents: Beatboxing, Snowboarding

Credits to Dongwoo's official forum in AllKPop.

Ok! So this oppa is definitely not an oppa! And that's a first for me. As I've said in previous posts, I'm not really a fan of dongsaeng-noona tandems but me want to be noona jigeum!!! Chungmallllooooo.. chincha kwenchana!!! :)

Thoughts of finally seeing him on stage this 19th during the concert is enough to keep me gaga waiting. I wonder if he really is as funny and as dorky as he is on broadcasts? I wonder if he really carries around a really big kabangee... I wonder if his eyes would really smile more than his full lips would do. I almost feel like a cheater. It appears to me like I see something of Eunhyuk oppa in him. Like oppa, Dongwoo is also a dancer-rapper and he's funny like Eunhyuk too. Aigooo what is it with me and rapper-dancers... 

I've read some interview translations of Dongwoo and I found out that he:

  • keeps a diary and writes in them as often as possible
  • knows how to drive but doesn't have a car (? don't know, maybe he now has a car and the interview was taken years back)
  • is the only one in Infinite who knows how to drive
  • has 2 female siblings... a noona and a dongsaeng
  • favorite color is green (like me! na du!! na du!!!)

I'm kind of in the stage of figuring out what to give to him as seonmul. I'm thinking of beanies... battle green beanies perhaps? It's cold in Korea especially now that it's winter. And besides, idols make good use of beanies when they're not made up yet HAHA! I usually see them in broadcasts in beanies if they haven't had their hair and make-up done yet. My second option is a good pen. I bet he'd have tons of fansigning events to do in the future and my note could go like "To the millions of signs you'd have to make. I hope your hand doesn't hurt though." CHEEEEEZZZZZZYY GREEEEAAAAZZZYYY! haha! walang basagan ng trip! LOL. My other option would be a top. I heard what he wore to their very recent guesting in Weekly Idol was actually a gift (studio shot, not the Jeju-do episode so it's technically their 3rd guesting I'm referring to). But I'd have to really choose carefully. The only other namja I've ever bought clothes for is my nampyeon and I'm not confident with estimating Dongwoo's size haha! 

Aaaahhh geeezzz... fangirling really takes time, money and effort! Speaking of money, I'd better not pick anything pricey or else I'll starve myself to death in Manila. I'm already broke as it is! Broke but hembuke :)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Ooooohh Etude!

It's 2013 and half of the time this year, I'll be spending it as a 24 year old yeoja! QUE HORROR. I really am getting old TT_TT With that realization, I have decided to take better care of myself most especially my skin and how I look O.o Although I've always had pressed powder, lipstick and blush on with me during my college days, I've never really resorted to much more.

My first ever pressed powder was Maybelline Clear Smooth. I can't even remember what shade I bought but I remember why I had to buy it. First, it's a familiar brand and second it's not pricey. I am definitely an ignorant rag compared to my older sister whom I considered a GODDESS of all cosmetics at one point in time but I trusted this product with what little knowledge I had! True to my expectations, it's a good product... and by good product I mean it didn't break me out nor did it made me look like a clown. 

My second pressed powder was Elizabeth Arden in Light 2. It came with a lipstick in Fiesta. It was a gift from my sister and she kept the other lipstick. I was hesitant at first because of the black and gold packaging which I had to admit was not so young-looking. And with my knowledge of cosmetics, yes, I can THINK TWICE before accepting/rejecting ELIZABETH ARDEN haha! Ok... I'm hopeless. But really, I accepted it and I was very glad that I did. Since it was my first time to use such top quality product, I was truly amazed! It provided smooth coverage and I can't even notice my humongous pores! It was ultra fine and I didn't need to apply that much. It amazed me that this powder was able to keep up with my OJT-testconstruction-thesis-stressed face!!! The lipstick was superb. It didn't dry my lips out unlike other lipsticks, lipgloss and lipbalm =) I was running out of the powder cuz I was using it too often so I had to find another one that wouldn't hurt as much in terms of price. My sister recommended that I get Revlon's PhotoReady Powder. So we went to Loft and checked it out. My shade was no longer available and we had to look for a substitute! 

Aside from the really cute packaging, what had me buying this product were the words of my sister! I definitely trust whatever she says! Haha! She told me that this product was getting good reviews online and was worth a try. It wasn't even pressed powder. This is Canmake UV Silky Fit Foundation and I have no regrets of buying it. At around Y1000+, this product is definitely worth it! The first time I wore it, my sister only had positive remarks to say. It brightened up my face and made it look fairer. It really has a silky finish most especially when it sets in :) Apart from that, it didn't break me out and it has SPF30++ PA formulation that blocks the sun's rays. I also bought another blush-on since I was already running out. I got Sweets Sweets' powder blush in Coral Pink. It's a Japanese brand and my sister and I aren't really familiar with it. I bought the blush on because I was looking for something that didn't have glitters in it! Hahaha! It was the only one on display that didn't have glitter :p Here's their website: http://www.sweets-sweets.com/

I really thought that trip to Loft would conclude my attempt to make myself a "noona nomo yeppeo" HAHA! But no! My seemingly endless unemployed days were turning into wallet-sucking-out days. I blame online shops for this self-turmoil not to mention PayPal and my father's credit card! One fateful day, I just had to see ETUDE HOUSE on a random ad while I was watching a show featuring Infinite on Youtube. I clicked and voila! There goes my hard-earned Yen! I've never ever spent that much on beauty products! After an awful lot of days, the postman finally arrived and I had my first ever Etude House box!

I only bought 12 products but I was surprised at how big the box was! Later, I realized that it was mainly because of the Wonder Pore Freshner and that cute little yellow owl! 

All the items were bubble-wrapped and they even tossed in a weird looking inflated plastic balloon of some sort to serve as cushion in unfilled areas of the box. They remind me of my cousins' floaters - only these are minis LOL. So here's what I bought:

Dear Darling Tint in Orange - smells so yummy (like Jelly Ace and ice pops!)
ShiniStar Lip Balm #01 - Onew! Onew! LOL
Look at my Lips Rogue in Pink (#14 PK003) - cuz I don't have this certain shade of pink yet!
Lovely Cookie Blusher in Orange (#3 OR2012) - cuz I don't have an orange-y blush-on yet
Oh~m'Eye Lash Curling & Clean Mascara - MY FIRST EVER MASCARA!
Oil Blotting Sheets - I ran out of them and since I'll be spending a month and a half in Pinas, I better stock on them!
Wonder Pore Freshner - for my not so yeppeo pores... JOOKUH!!!
Spray mist bottle for the Wonder Pore Freshner - unless I wanna carry around the whole half liter in my bag!!!
Nail Polish in 5 colors - all glittery and they're not mine! They're for my sister who loves to do her nails. I can never do my nails - there isn't much to do LOL!

Etude House Japan was generous enough to toss in that cute yellow owl. It's actually a neck pillow and it's comfy :) They also included Baking Soda Facial Foam Wash, Lip & Eye Make-up Remover (the label was very FUNNY cuz it only said LIP & EYE REMOVER... scary!) and a very princessy, pink, sequined make-up pouch! And oh, I didn't pay for shipping. It was free but it really took longer than expected. But still, it's FREE :)

I am very very happy and excited with my first box of Etude House products even though I haven't used them yet. Hopefully they'll be good for me and my skin and won't break me out!!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Getting to Know: Infinite

infinite in the eyes of a stranger

Okay! So we've bought tickets for Dream Kpop Fantasy Concert and aside from SNSD, I barely know the other 5 groups. It's not that they're not popular or they're not good but it's because I've only been a KPOP fan for well over 5 months give and take. 

I understand the horror of not being able to tell one member from another! Believe me... When I first got to know Super Junior, I was struggling to memorize their names and recognize their faces... all 13 of them. However, it only took me a few episodes of a tv show to actually correctly identify them. A few days ago, I tried my luck with Infinite and voila! I suck. I started with their videos... The Chaser, Nothing's Over, Be Mine and etc. There were only 7 of them but God! Why do I always mix up Sung Yeol and L? At first, I could only recognize 3 out of 4 thanks to The Thousandth Man (wherein Woo Hyun and Sung Gyu were casted) and Answer Me, 1997 wherein Hoya played an amazing character. 

So, I decided to watch Infinite's Sesame Player to aid my dying brain cells and rusty memory. You can watch it too here. The videos have english subtitles so there's no need to worry! After I've watched it, I jotted down notes. LOL.

I'm not sure if they'd help but I was able to get their names right through it...

... or did I mix up Sung Yeol and L again for the nth time?

For more get to know facts of Infinite members, here are some helpful links:

Haeng un ^____^