Sunday, October 21, 2012

Kangin Got Married Too?

I really thought that aside from Teuk oppa and Kyuhun, no one else was casted as a husband in "We Got Married" among Super Junior members. I thought I read wrong in one of the blogs I visited.

As always, Kangin looked good =) Actually, in terms of "visuals", my top three are Siwon, Donghae and Kangin. They have really great facial structures. I just didn't imagine Kangin to be in WGM. He was hilarious and at times really stubborn during their episodes. I watched all the Kangin-Yoonji cuts and I can say they were an interesting couple. There were many sides of Kangin that I never could've imagined like wanting to be called "prince", events/surprises hagoshipo, wanting to wash the dishes but avoiding all other household chores especially mopping the floor and so much more. The girl was really kind and she looks so pretty! 

If you want to watch Kang-Ji couple, click here. Enjoy!