Sunday, November 11, 2012

Eunhyuk and IU

So this morning when I woke up, I logged in to my Facebook account not to check how my profile page would look but to answer messages from IRO supporters, say thank you to the occasional pat-in-the-back messages and argue with some senders for some reasons I cannot divulge in here and I got a notification with Teukie tagging me in a post. Voila! One perfect I-just-read-a-good-book-so-I'm-invincible Sunday morning ruined.

And why the hell are you shirtless oppa!? Not that I mind seeing you without a top on but you're absolutely in bliss in this photo. God knows what you were doing but I know who! :S And I'm really feeling frustrated and sad as I am typing this. I promised I won't blog until tonight... not until I blog on my 3-day Cebu escapade and my alone time at Incheon... in search of anything SUJU-ey but this just got on my nerve. I'm not angry. I don't have the right. But I'm not happy as well. I'm just a fan girl spazzing almost everyday for news about Eunhyuk although I'm not alone... Tuek oppa, are you spazzing too? Just a few days in the army and things have blown out of proportion right?! I think your heart is racing more than mine. 

I'm heading for a book fair. I'm pretty sure a luggage full of books can't get any heavier than my heart is. 

And no, as much as I would like to stick to my blog name, I CANNOT KEEP CALM AS OF THE MOMENT. 

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