Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dream Kpop Fantasy Concert is ON!

No, this won't be the last time I'm doing a post on DKFC. 

I mean really! They've just made an official website. CLICK HERE to visit the site courtesy of Ms. Happee Sy and company. I'm pretty sure they've worked hard for this withstanding the numerous "reklamo" and "ka-ek-ekan" of all fandoms and fans including yours truly. So Ms. Happee Sy, thank you so much for all the effort. You might not be reading this but hey! All Pinoy KFans should be at the very least, glad to have you in our country =) I'm not only glad, I'm happy and thankful! Unnie, chungmal kumawo yo.

So, where was I? Right! DKFC has finally released all the juicy information (line-up) and the not so juicy information (ticket prices! seat plan standing plan? LOL). Since the concert will be at SM Mall of Asia Open Grounds, the rest of the tickets will be standing except for the VIP Diamond tickets whose lucky buyers will be seated in an elevated platform like kings and queens! Here is the seat plan (it's very weird to use this term right now):

To further add, the ticket pre-selling is happening in Manila miles away as I am making this entry! Not too comforting, huh? But I'm definitely staying up til late tonight to check on SM Tickets, Ticket World and Ticketnet websites to purchase our tickets. I definitely want to be in SUPER VIP! I am highly anticipating the feeling of being sandwiched between two stages where our idols would be performing. Never mind the fact that I'd have to stand up all throughout the concert! I just have to dress comfortably and definitely wear sneakers so people can step on me and I can step on them too. Hahahaha!!! Here are the ticket prices:

VIP Standing : 11,370
VIP Diamond Elevated Seat: 11,370
Platinum : 9,310
Gold : 6,210
Silver : 3,110
Bronze : 1,040

All prices quoted are in PHP and are inclusive of ticketing charges. Considering the number of artists going, the price is a-okay. But I swear, I'd pay much much more to see super junior on stage and MBAQ too!!! What can I do??? The producers weren't able to think about it or maybe their budget wasn't at par with the talent fees of much "older" groups LOL. It may also be that SM Entertainment rejected the offer or God knows why they didn't include super junior in the line-up. It's not my DREAM concert nor my FANTASY concert so I guess it'd just be Kpop Concert for me :( 

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  1. but for me it is both my dream and fantasy because ukiss is gonna be there....KEVIN saranghae...