Tuesday, October 9, 2012

How It All Started

Although I've already "heard" of them during their most glorious days (sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry. naega, naega, naega), I've never really paid them enough attention. Sure I see them frequently on MTV and MYX while I was still in Cebu and I admit their songs are rather catchy but I didn't quite expect that I'd come to like them the way I do now.

It all started when I ran out of korean dramas to watch. Not that I've watched all korean dramas but I couldn't find a drama with an interesting plot at that time. After a few hours of surfing drama portals, I came upon a korean tv show, we got married. I had just finished watching i do, i do, a korean drama starring Kim Sun-a and Lee Jang-Woo. Let's not deny it... Jang-Woo's handsome and upon seeing his name paired up with T-Ara's Eunjung, I've decided to see how Jang-Woo really is with girls. I was quite excited at first but I couldn't get pass through the 3rd episode. The pair had chemistry but I wasn't all hyped up about them being together. This lead me to browse other couples of the same season... brave couple... TeukSo couple... chakaman! Burago? Leeteuk was being paired with Kang Sora!!! I thought Leeteuk was *ahem*! I can't bring myself to say it now but I've always blabbered about it back in the days (teukie, are you reading? no, not leeteuk but our baby girl, teukie!). This would be interesting! 

I really enjoyed the TeukSo couple. I can never forget the pet names and how Hyukjae, Donghae, Sungmin and Kyuhun reacted upon hearing them... how they would always barge in when they see that the atmosphere is awkward during the couple's first meeting. They brought loads of laughter and fun to the show. That's when I first took interest in super junior. It was through Teuk oppa that I've come to know them. He was my first bias in super junior before Hyukjae. Oppa, even now that I'm leaning towards one of your dongsaengs, always remember that I still look for you in MVs, fancams, show cuts and many more!!! Teuk oppa, for introducing me to super junior, chungmal kumawo yo.

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