Sunday, October 14, 2012

SUJU in Busan International Film Festival

So I was watching the local broadcast of Busan International Film Festival this year a few minutes ago and I was so happy to see Super Junior on blue carpet!

But, where is my bias??? I googled photos and videos of suju and indeed! Hyukjae-a wasn't there. I wonder why. Sungmin, Kangin, Shindong, Ryeowook were also not there! Anyway, I was delighted to see Teuk oppa in dark hair... Kyaaaaaaaa!!! Our leader is so handsome! Also, he is very kind, helping a fan who fell. 

I just wish my bias was there. He would totally rock the whole suit outfit. Well, he does look good in everything he wears! So me imagining him donning a suit would be magical but to illustrate, iroke:

Kekekekke. I'm sorry I couldn't place him next to Donghae hahaha! Anyway, Donghae declared eunhae already broke up in one of his UFO replies ROFL. See? Uri Hyukjae-a should've been there too! I'm sure he went! LOL. Maybe he just wasn't in the clip that I saw on TV... or something T.T I'll research in a while :) Hahahah!

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