Monday, October 8, 2012

The Unboxing of SF&S

life is like a box of chocolates super junior!

Yes! Amidst the typhoon, the cold and the 3-hour waiting time at the train station was a HAPPY me. It felt like I was opening a present on a Christmas morning when in reality, I was opening a self-bought album of super junior in wet clothes sipping on caramel iced latte. 

I planned on getting version A but the ahjussi owner of the hallyu store I frequent in Osu-Kannon didn't have it. I was pretty much dismayed at first. Say goodbye to the 80 pages of visuals (ding!). On the other hand, I couldn't let go of version B - tightly gripping it while in panic looking for version A all over the store! Aaahhh... chungmal opso??!! So I decided to buy it anyway along with the SPY repackage of SEXY FREE & SINGLE, MBLAQ's Monalisa, MBLAQ's First Special DVD (still, Monalisa) and MBLAQ's BLAQ%ver repackage of 100%ver. I immediately got 22 points on my membership card (hooray!) so I get a thousand yen off on my next purchase. I can still remember the very first item I bought from ahjussi's hallyu store - a Lee Min Ho plastic folder ROFL.

The packaging and the concept was chic!!! I love how toned down and earthy the colors are. I was innocently browsing the photo book when I thumbed across what seemed to be a card. I didn't dare to look at who it was as I was chanting "let it be hyukjae! let it be hyukjae!" in my damned mind. Open your eyes and voila! I got Yesung! Hahahaha! When the only signature I recognize among all of super junior's signatures failed to surface, I thought I was doomed! But when I flipped the card over and saw Yesung's face - aaaahh! Yesung! I surprisingly didn't feel bad at all. 

The album is good. It has 10 tracks and I swear I've lost count on how many times it has been played in the car @.@ !!! My personal favorites are the title song, "from u", "rockstar", "guilliver", "butterfly" and "daydream". The title song is also great but it would have to be my 3rd favorite song - first being "from u" and "daydream" coming in second. Technically, this is the first super junior album I've ever bought for myself and I'm pretty happy with it. I heard it's not the first time super junior gets boxed? Haha! Oh well, I'd have to look for that other album in the months to come. Although I've come to like this rather charming set of oppas 7 years late, I plan to stick around for as long as I can. 

A new E.L.F. is nonetheless an E.L.F. 


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