Friday, January 11, 2013

Dongwoo Joins the C.L.U.B.

Okay... My BIAS CLUB is really really growing. Who or what to blame... molla. All I know is Infinite's Jang Dongwoo is definitely easing his way in!!! Oettoke.. another *all out* mameul to another namja!!! Oettokajjjeeee??!! 

So how has this goofy dorky ex dance seonsaengnim eased his way into my BIAS CLUB? I honestly don't know! *__* Initially, I was only being a good fangirl and watched their MVs, shows and other broadcasts along with Girls Generation, UKiss, Tahiti, Tasty and EXO K & M. I thought I'd adore Leader Gyu and well, I did at first. Kunde.... kampchageeee... 

Jang Dongwoo
Position: Rapper
Fan Nickname: Woonique
Birthdate: November 22, 1990
Star Sign: Sagittarius
Height: 175cm
Blood Type: A
Hobbies: Skateboarding
Talents: Beatboxing, Snowboarding

Credits to Dongwoo's official forum in AllKPop.

Ok! So this oppa is definitely not an oppa! And that's a first for me. As I've said in previous posts, I'm not really a fan of dongsaeng-noona tandems but me want to be noona jigeum!!! Chungmallllooooo.. chincha kwenchana!!! :)

Thoughts of finally seeing him on stage this 19th during the concert is enough to keep me gaga waiting. I wonder if he really is as funny and as dorky as he is on broadcasts? I wonder if he really carries around a really big kabangee... I wonder if his eyes would really smile more than his full lips would do. I almost feel like a cheater. It appears to me like I see something of Eunhyuk oppa in him. Like oppa, Dongwoo is also a dancer-rapper and he's funny like Eunhyuk too. Aigooo what is it with me and rapper-dancers... 

I've read some interview translations of Dongwoo and I found out that he:

  • keeps a diary and writes in them as often as possible
  • knows how to drive but doesn't have a car (? don't know, maybe he now has a car and the interview was taken years back)
  • is the only one in Infinite who knows how to drive
  • has 2 female siblings... a noona and a dongsaeng
  • favorite color is green (like me! na du!! na du!!!)

I'm kind of in the stage of figuring out what to give to him as seonmul. I'm thinking of beanies... battle green beanies perhaps? It's cold in Korea especially now that it's winter. And besides, idols make good use of beanies when they're not made up yet HAHA! I usually see them in broadcasts in beanies if they haven't had their hair and make-up done yet. My second option is a good pen. I bet he'd have tons of fansigning events to do in the future and my note could go like "To the millions of signs you'd have to make. I hope your hand doesn't hurt though." CHEEEEEZZZZZZYY GREEEEAAAAZZZYYY! haha! walang basagan ng trip! LOL. My other option would be a top. I heard what he wore to their very recent guesting in Weekly Idol was actually a gift (studio shot, not the Jeju-do episode so it's technically their 3rd guesting I'm referring to). But I'd have to really choose carefully. The only other namja I've ever bought clothes for is my nampyeon and I'm not confident with estimating Dongwoo's size haha! 

Aaaahhh geeezzz... fangirling really takes time, money and effort! Speaking of money, I'd better not pick anything pricey or else I'll starve myself to death in Manila. I'm already broke as it is! Broke but hembuke :)


  1. so gonna copy your seonmul idea...i really have no idea on what to give my smiling angel nampyeon!!!

  2. hahaha! boxers hahahahahahaah. got me thinking of the pajama thing you told me :o

  3. i was also thinking boxers with girly prints and preferably pink...hahaha