Monday, January 14, 2013

Attack on the Pin-up Boys

Because I was bored and had nothing to do, I decided to watch some more shows featuring Super Junior. I started with a Chinese show featuring Super Junior M but I ended up with watching Attack on the Pin-up Boys LOL. I figured I had to stick to really really short ones since I had to get back to my normal sleep schedule to get myself ready for my flight this Wednesday. So, I happily finished this movie.

I've got to admit, the movie was hilarious - plot and characters!

We had flower boy Sungmin whose amazing hairstyle nearly caused me to spill my junk food all over my laptop, another flowerboy - Heechul who IS part of a DANCE TEAM in the movie, Hangeng who was just hot all over LOL, Ryeowook who's appearance reminded me of Fidel Ramos' hairstyle (no offense intended :p), Yesung who's a rockstar, Siwon who's the student body president, Kangin - a Judo club leader who seems to be undergoing a slump, nae sarang Eunhyuk and Shindong who had quirky roles and Donghae and Kibum who both appeared to be the main cast :)

Well, the plot can be summed up by one word: ttong (meaning shi*t). If I start explaining, there probably won't be any fun when you watch it for yourself later so I'll stop here. The movie seems really simple, comedic and shallow. But for me, there's more to the story than that.

The movie bought me back to my highschool years and how life was back then. In one word, it was monotonous. Well, I do agree that it'd definitely depend on what type of student you were. As for me, I was a really good student. Haha! Believe me, the only napeun thing I did in highschool was having the entire class practice outside of school for our Florante and Laura play but hey! It was a competition and although out of campus practices were prohibited, I didn't have any choice haha! The second thing was stealing a photo from the bulletin board. And yes, it was a photo of a guy I had a crush on :D

Wouldn't you agree? We'd all have to attend the same flag raising ceremony every morning, sing the same set of songs, pray the same prayers, show up for the same class in the same sequence from 7am to 5pm in a matter of 4 years. But what made highschool really shine in my memory is the fact that in those 4 years, you've met all kinds of people - made friends with some, fought with some, loved some, hated some. Highschoolers have their own world. They have their own cliques, subgroups - the nerds, the varsity players, the techies, the fangirls and so on. And among all those groups of students, some people really shine and stand out. Either he's the guitar player who makes all the girls go gooey whenever he plays his guitar, the basketball player who captures every girl's heart shooting hoops, the straight A student who makes everyone fall for the beauty of his mind, the pretty boy whose face no one can get out of one's head, etc. They will always be the notable ones, the ones who set the trend and the ones admired. I think each one of us, at one point in our highschool life has dreamt of being one of them. Of course in the movie, it is really evident... maybe because of their culture? I am not sure but these POPULAR KIDS scenario is really really dominant in Korean, Chinese and Japanese movies and dramas. Imagine the pressure the non-popular bunch feel. It must have been horrible to the point of them actually making efforts to be a popular kid at school. And imagine the pressure the popular kids feel - to live up to everyone's expectations, to maintain their image, to never go through a slump. 

Yes, high school is fun but it can also be scary. 

Wonder Boy (OST)

You can choose your future
The concept of your life
I'm doing well, I'm a fine person.
Trust yourself. Look into the mirror
With the light glimmering around
You as you smile

There could be a sad memories that make you cry
Don't forget that you have a shoulder to lean on in this world
I have the whole world in my heart... 
Lets keep running. For tomorrow, for our future
To become a shining light under the sun
I'm Wonder Boy! Yeah! 

He always has a secret but it's
Easy to find the answers dance with me.
Just move your body to the music.
Don't be afraid, Girl
You don't have to fear
Anything except fear itself

There could be a sad memories that make you cry
I'm the one who'll start and end it.
Let there be light and become a shining star
The sun is welcoming me with rays of light... 
I just need one umbrella and that'll be fine
Don't hide your tears from me. Yeah! 
You can lean on my shoulder and cry out loud
Looking at the crimson red sun setting in the sky... 

It's a spectacle that the heavens have given me
There's no end. A bright future lies ahead of you
The sun bathes me with it's warm light under the blue sky
I just need one umbrella and that'll be fine
To become a shining light under the sun

Lalala, lalalalala, lalalala, 
Lalalala, lalalalala, lalalalala

The sun is welcoming me with rays of light... 
I just need one umbrella
And that'll be fine
I'm Wonder Boy! Yeah!

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