Monday, January 14, 2013

My Fan-Fan DKFC Fanboard

I was listening to this while making this entry LOL.


So it's exactly 3:30 am here in Japan and I am still up. Gaaaaaa.

No, I'm not watching anything. I was watching Super Junior Foresight a few minutes ago ;) The pressure of not breaking the facial mask I had on while trying to endure Kyuhun's endless sharp comments & the hilarious Secret Garden parody they had I could definitely endure. But by episode 12 the subs were quite off and I was already struggling trying to understand Korean. So I had to give up and think of something else to do. That's when I was able to think of printing JANG DONGWOO, YOU'RE SO COOL! and INFINITE IS AWESOME in hangul. 

I can't read (okay, maybe some but not all!) and definitely not write hangul. Thankfully, there's good old Google and I just had to type "Jang Dongwoo" in the search bar and voila! Wiki provided me with his name in hangul :) I've decided to stick to INFINITE in roman characters since I'm pretty sure they'd be able to read and recognize their own group name when I start waiving my fan board LOL. But I wanted to write their name in their font. Fortunately, I found the font and downloaded it. It looks like this:

You may download it from here. I am not sure if this is the official font though. I'm not even sure if Kpop groups do keep their group name's font the same all throughout :p 

Now comes the tricky part. How should I say "You're so cool" in Korean? Hahaha! I've heard it countless of times but I have no idea how it differs from "You're awesome" or "You're so good". So through Yahoo Answers, I found three very useful answers:

I am still truly amazed at how easy it is for us to translate things these days. I bet if one is really determined, one can study a whole new language system without the aid of books! LOL. I've had my fair share of that determination and even borrowed an "Elementary Korean" language learning book from Nagoya International Center in the hopes of finally being able to understand at least the basics of Korean language. Luck of all luck, the CD that came along with the book was "unavailable" according to the librarian. I still borrowed the book without the CD and realized that the book didn't have romanization (meaning words were translated from English directly to Hangul) and has been that way since the author said you can never capture the true pronunciation of a certain Korean word through converting it to roman characters. To this, I definitely agree... I mean they had "mm" which was different from "m", "pp" which almost came close to b (which is why, sometimes I think I hear "oba" instead of "oppa" in dramas), "apa" (dad) and "apa" (hurt, pain) and so on and so forth. Tricky tricky tricky! LOL. And so after about 2 weeks? I decided to close the book and return it. Hahaha! Maybe in the coming years, I will finally be determined enough to learn the language. That'll be after I learn the Japanese language though. My whole family is like you're-in-japan-and-a-permanent-resident-at-that-but-you're-crazy-you're-trying-to-learn-korean mode. 

Going back to the fanboard business, I've decided to go with "meoshisoyo" for Dongwoo and "daebak" for INFINITE. I have no idea if I've chosen well but it is true that I think Dongwoo is cool/awesome/hot as the answer said!!! And what's up with the "yo"? I'm older than him by a year! Hahaha. But we're not close and I remember Heechul saying something about the fans being disrespectful (though he was being playful about it) while shouting "saranghae" instead of "saranghaeyo" LOL. I wouldn't want to be one of those fans hahaha! Also, I am not putting I LOVE YOU on my fanboard because I don't think I should tell him that yet ROFL. Really, I'm still new at this whole fangirling thing and I'm sure my boyfriend is gonna get one hell of a shock too! I'd better straighten up and reserve the whole I LOVE YOU thing for him. For "daebak", I"ll be waiving it when they'll do their awesome dance choreo :) Hopefully they'll do BTD and I'll see their scorpion dance for myself. Read more on what daebak means and what the heck it is here.

After finally deciding which words to use and researching how to write those Korean words in hangul, let's move on to the fonts. It's quite difficult to find CUTE Korean fonts online. Initially, I thought of just blowing up the words and keut! But I just had to tweak it a little - it looked so boring. I found this site which has Korean fonts that are nomo nomo kyeo-o. I chose UhBee Namsoyoung because I needed my font to be thick. Otherwise, Infinite won't be able to read it. So after blowing up to font size 200, 180 (I was trying to estimate and I had to make sure it'd fit my fan-fan fanboard):

I have yet to transfer and trace them them onto neon yellow stickers or if I won't be able to find stickers, colored paper. Yellow because Infinite's color is Metal Gold and since I have more luck finding yellow than gold, I'd stick with yellow LOL. But if I'd be able to come upon gold... jooha!!! 

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