Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Meeting Infinite's Jang Dongwoo (Dream KPOP Fantasy Concert)

By the time I've started on this post, I've already devoured at least one slice of pizza and my heart, tummy and mind can now concentrate on nothing else aside from doing this post LOL.

Ok. So... aside from literally watching everything I can watch online about Infinite, reading bios, reading articles and doing my fanfan (fanboard) 7 hours before my friends and I started lining up at the concert venue, nothing and I mean NOTHING('s over LOL) has prepared me for Jan.19, 2013.

First of all, NEVER IN MY WILDEST DREAMS did I imagine that Infinite would perform first for Dream KPOP Fantasy Concert. So when the huge LCD monitors started showing Infinite, I thought to myself "oh goody! Infinite vids are shown first!" keunde... buya!!! They started appearing on the concert stage out of nowhere. So what happened was I was in a state of SHOCK + PANIC. I didn't load up the batteries to my camera yet in the hopes of CONSERVING ENERGY for endless DONGWOO moments... loaded the meager 512mb of the damned Pro Duo memory stick instead of the 4GB because I was reserving the latter for DONGWOO later. What the heck's happening? LOL.

So when they started performing, I started fumbling with my camera and even attempted to look for it INSIDE MY BAG when in fact I had it HOOKED ON THE SLING for easy access! Easy access my ass! Maybe I should start to receive training for loading up guns so I'd do good with loading up cameras in the fastest time possible - for when emergencies like this occur! 

I can't even remember when I remembered to look for Dongwoo specifically but I did anyway. I mean, it's not that I didn't see him... it's just that the crowd was noisy.. I was noisy... and I clicked even without looking at what I was taking (resulting to above photos) because I so wanted to just stop the whole camera thing and savor the moment. I had a really hard time pushing my way (sorry to all those I've stepped on, pushed, violently hit with my elbow... if there were any) to see Dongwoo up close!

Sorry but while Dongwoo was busy getting sexy and all, I don't know what L was trying to do. Anyhoo, it was so hard to get a really good picture of Dongwoo. Aside from they're all moving and stuff, Dongwoo was SO HIS USUAL SELF that night that I had to run all over the place and stomp stomp stomp. All of these while carrying my fanfan and my Infinite lightstick and raising up my arm to continue taking shots and videos too. 

So maybe while I was taking this picture I was screaming or something. Should it have been Dongwoo's fault, he should be the only one blurred (like if he was moving, dancing, etc... which he was actually) but everything in this picture is blurred. So therefore I conclude that it was me HYPERVENTILATING. Ok, calm down. Remember that you have asthma and you don't have your inhaler hooked to your sling FOR EASY ACCESS!

See? Everything's better when he's not looking at me (wish ko lang!) or looking my way or something! These are the times when I wish I had wings or a multiple entry pass so I can run my way to PLATINUM too.

This pretty baby is for my chinggu who on the way to her beloved bias STUMBLED UPON SEATED EARTHLINGS. So even though I knew she did encounter a problem, I chose to ignore it - her rather and focus on my unhindered path to her bias to take snapshots for her. God, he is so handsome up close and I could almost raise up my hands to touch him but first thing's first! Gotta take pics for my chinggu! We'll deal with whatever problems you've STUMBLED upon later. 

I'm really quite jealous of myself for taking a pretty good couple of shots of Sungyeol and I can't even manage to get one... just one decent shot of my bias! Dongwoo kept on going to the left mosh pit and we were on the right mosh pit. It seemed that they've assigned people to go left or right or something like that cuz Sungyeol and Sungjong were always the ones on our side of the mosh pit. It really made me sad. He wasn't even able to see my fanboard! So what I did was to always flash it - maybe, just maybe one Infinite member would be able to see it and tell him about it? UGH! I'm too hopeless! Tell him someone thinks he's cool jaebal! 

And oh, I have to mention this. The sound system was soooooooooooo PAHAMAK! I don't know what happened but it was really such a shame! It stopped during 2 of the songs they performed! Leader Gyu was panicked and all while I can almost die of shame. I mean, come on, Philippines! It's the first time Infinite is coming to you and this is what you have to offer. I just hope they'd still come back for another performance. 

Jang Dongwoo, jaebal turawa!!! I'm not done yet - I haven't shown you my fanboard and I haven't taken a decent photo of you yet!!! NOTHING'S OVER :D


  1. i still remember how we were so shocked that the first performer was infinite, i kept shouting, 'shet ako cam, shet sungyeol', but yeah thanks chinggu for that awesome shot of sungyeol, bwahahaha!to bad super hyper active imo bias, it's really hard to get a good shot of him

  2. oh and i forgot, i love their song line up, first song was chaser but then they followed it with paradise (fave), and then in the summer (another fave), then btd (waaah scorpion dance), then be mine (do you hear me?...yes i hear you sungyeol) and the last song they performed was nothing's over (which is like my most fave infinite song ever!). i really did not expect they would perform nothing's over and i really thought that be mine was gonna be their last song. when i heard the intro for nothing's over, i really went gaga!!!