Saturday, January 12, 2013

My DKFC Survival Kit

After the above posting and after reading THIS VERY HELPFUL BLOG ENTRY (wise words indeed!), I realized that this concert is bigger than what I had in mind. Surely, I acknowledge that having 6 KPOP groups is big enough as it is. Hajiman, nothing compares to surviving a sea of fans who are as determined and as micheoso as you. And to fuel the fire, I learned through the many Facebook accounts that I liked and subscribed to that the 15,000th ticket holder who purchased from SM Tickets will win an all expense paid trip to South Korea (visa and all!). I'm not complaining with the winning part - though I don't think any of my friends nor I will fatefully be the 15,000th ticket holder - but with the 15,000 part. If SM Tickets alone sold at least 15,000 tickets not including tickets sold from Ticket World, Ticket Net, PULP Live... how many fangirls and fanboys are coming then?!!! This has got to be the BIGGEST concert I'll ever watch! 

A few hours ago, I was calmly watching Infinite Ranking King and laughing my ass off but buya ige!!?? I'm all stressed out as it slowly slowly sinks in. This concert will no doubt be FUN but first, you'd have to face the harsh reality. Apart from the queue, I'd have to pack light and pack efficiently. And so, following Ms. Kring's guidelines, I've decided to pack the following items in my bag:

  • Paracetamol - No pain relievers for me unless I want Dongwoo to see my LABHAG and all bloated up face. I'll never know what'll happen during the concert - I can have a mental breakdown at the sight of **** ******* or I can suffer serious physical injuries from other fans or myself (self-inflicted teh??)
  • Oil Blotting Sheets - self explanatory! LOL
  • Shiseido's Moi Lip - popo hagu ;)
  • Cellphone with extra Globe and Smart sim cards - read Ms. Kring's blog to know why :p
  • Money 
  • Camera - to take some photos kekeke! & to assist Ayet filming UKiss. I'm still praying for a DVD release... jaebal! so we can enjoy the concert fully :)
  • Hair brush
  • Face Powder
  • Folding Umbrella & Raincoat (?)
  • Folding Mat - I got 2 mats last month since I had a feeling they won't allow us to bring chairs and right! They don't allow chairs in.
  • Fanraphernalia - term courtesy of Ms. Kring :) Ahhhmm.. it won't fit in my bag but it's not big. I'm talking about my fanboard/banner which in my case is a fan-fan cuz it's literally a fan which is 30cm by 42cm and it's a fan's fan hence fan-fan :p I accidentally saw it in one of the malls here while I was asked to buy soft crayons LOL. I was amazed cuz they had one stall devoted solely to fangirling... light sticks, TVXQ neon stickers that you can just stick to your board/banner if you're too tired to make them yourself, YUNHO in katakana characters, binoculars, all kinds of stickers! Daebak ya. In the end I bought 4 fans and these cute stickers. Just recently, I realized, through Ayet's seemingly non-sense yet I can see that they're sensible now questions that there are 5 of us and I only bought 4! LOL!

The more I think about the concert, the more fidgetty I get. I don't know if it's because I'd finally be able to meet Seohyun (who once paired up with THE Yonghwa for WGM), Kai (who was able to practice and dance and eventually form a group with nae sarang), Tasty (twins twins twins) or Dongwoo (wae? no explanation needed). Whatever and whoever it is that's getting me restless... in the words of Hoya.. EGOMONINA!!!!!

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