Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Dream KPOP Fantasy Concert 2013

Five days ago, I was more than excited to finally be back in Pinas after 2 months most especially because this time, I’d be able to spend days with my closest of friends and of course, 2 days later one of the biggest events of my 2013 life… Dream Kpop Fantasy Concert will finally happen.

So the first few days passed by rather quickly and before I knew it, it was the eve before DKFC. Since we spent our free days gallivanting around the city and screaming our hearts out at Enchanted Kingdom, we only had one night to do our fanboards. Although we were very tired from our trip to Enchanted Kingdom, we couldn’t risk showing up for the concert without fanboards. That’d be a total waste! So you’d have an idea how we look like during concert day as well as how our fanboards looked like, here’s a photo we took while waiting in line.

We were already at Mall of Asia by 7:30 and on our way to the Open Grounds area. We knew people would already be there but we didn’t expect that there’d already be lots of them! From guards to KPOP fanraphernalia vendors and fans… parents who support their kids bringing along chairs, food, water… the location was super crowded. And all of this commotion occurred in the morning – roughly 7 hours before gates were officially said to be open! 

Seeing as we were without PARENTAL support (LOL), we decided to lay down the 2 mats I bought a few months earlier so we could squat. We also ordered meals with drinks and bought water from McDonald’s a few meters away. That kept us hydrated and full for a good number of hours. We had to drink up all the water cuz water bottles were not permitted inside the concert area.

By 3pm, things started to get CRAZY, SCARY and HOT. Why? Blame EXO! LOL. Before they came out, everyone was just lining up. Although the line wasn’t organized and wasn’t clear cut, at least people weren’t pushing each other! Fans started screaming when the dressing room curtains started swinging! Whether it’s the PD, the managers, the back-up dancers, the make-up artists, the crew… even bouncers swing them open, fans went wild in anticipation. It was really funny at first but I started to get tired cuz I couldn’t see a thing and I was going deaf! Aside from that, all kinds of smell surrounded me resulting to me tiptoe-ing just to get some fresh air! Everyone was also very sweaty at that point in time so it was really torture! It was already past 4pm and we still weren’t allowed to get inside the concert area. All of us were already pissed off. Whoever organized the concert should really be ORGANIZED. There was NO PROPER LINE. Everyone’s pushing each other – pushing forward, pushing to the side, etc!. By 5pm, the guards decided to have everyone fall in one line. If you ask me, they should've thought of that as soon as concert-goers started showing up! It was really really frustrating. Everyone was already agitated since it was past 3pm and less than an hour before the concert was supposed to start.

I can't remember what time we were able to BREAK FREE... I mean, get inside the concert grounds but it was such a relief! Finally, there was air and space and air and space and more air, more space!!! Weirdly, the right mosh pit (facing the concert stage) was only half full. We didn't quite expect it to be that empty. Maybe because most SVIPs were informed that their line was on the other side (left mosh pit) and thus, there were only few SVIPs to occupy the mosh pit we were in. How the left mosh pit looks like, I couldn't see. The walkway was quite high and unless you climb onto the railings, you can't touch the walkway. 

The concert started with a few Maroon 5 covers performed by Mike Chan and one song from his upcoming (?) album. I really can't remember what songs he performed cuz I was too excited to see Infinite LOL. The second performer was a dance group. Again, I can't remember their name, nor how many dancers there were. I only remembered that they did dance to Super Junior's Bonamana :) That made me really happy and contented. Although Super Junior was not part of the line-up, they were still with us, INSPIRIT. LOL.

All in all, the concert was FANTASTIC!!! There was a lot of running, screaming, fanboard waving, jumping and hand-raising involved but it was truly fun! I enjoyed it so much and I swear all the waiting and frustration involved made it worth it. Before we were let in, my friends and I (but mostly me) kept saying "I swear, this will be the first and the last KPOP concert I'm gonna attend" and stuff like that but whew! It was so much fun that I'd do it all over again to see Dongwoo!!!

I'm gonna do a separate post for nae mameul when INFINITE performed hahahaha! :) 

composed: 01/22/2013

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  1. i kept saying na that concert was gonna be my first and last (was really frustrated, remember my tears?), but yeah totally worth it!!!!