Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Ooooohh Etude!

It's 2013 and half of the time this year, I'll be spending it as a 24 year old yeoja! QUE HORROR. I really am getting old TT_TT With that realization, I have decided to take better care of myself most especially my skin and how I look O.o Although I've always had pressed powder, lipstick and blush on with me during my college days, I've never really resorted to much more.

My first ever pressed powder was Maybelline Clear Smooth. I can't even remember what shade I bought but I remember why I had to buy it. First, it's a familiar brand and second it's not pricey. I am definitely an ignorant rag compared to my older sister whom I considered a GODDESS of all cosmetics at one point in time but I trusted this product with what little knowledge I had! True to my expectations, it's a good product... and by good product I mean it didn't break me out nor did it made me look like a clown. 

My second pressed powder was Elizabeth Arden in Light 2. It came with a lipstick in Fiesta. It was a gift from my sister and she kept the other lipstick. I was hesitant at first because of the black and gold packaging which I had to admit was not so young-looking. And with my knowledge of cosmetics, yes, I can THINK TWICE before accepting/rejecting ELIZABETH ARDEN haha! Ok... I'm hopeless. But really, I accepted it and I was very glad that I did. Since it was my first time to use such top quality product, I was truly amazed! It provided smooth coverage and I can't even notice my humongous pores! It was ultra fine and I didn't need to apply that much. It amazed me that this powder was able to keep up with my OJT-testconstruction-thesis-stressed face!!! The lipstick was superb. It didn't dry my lips out unlike other lipsticks, lipgloss and lipbalm =) I was running out of the powder cuz I was using it too often so I had to find another one that wouldn't hurt as much in terms of price. My sister recommended that I get Revlon's PhotoReady Powder. So we went to Loft and checked it out. My shade was no longer available and we had to look for a substitute! 

Aside from the really cute packaging, what had me buying this product were the words of my sister! I definitely trust whatever she says! Haha! She told me that this product was getting good reviews online and was worth a try. It wasn't even pressed powder. This is Canmake UV Silky Fit Foundation and I have no regrets of buying it. At around Y1000+, this product is definitely worth it! The first time I wore it, my sister only had positive remarks to say. It brightened up my face and made it look fairer. It really has a silky finish most especially when it sets in :) Apart from that, it didn't break me out and it has SPF30++ PA formulation that blocks the sun's rays. I also bought another blush-on since I was already running out. I got Sweets Sweets' powder blush in Coral Pink. It's a Japanese brand and my sister and I aren't really familiar with it. I bought the blush on because I was looking for something that didn't have glitters in it! Hahaha! It was the only one on display that didn't have glitter :p Here's their website: http://www.sweets-sweets.com/

I really thought that trip to Loft would conclude my attempt to make myself a "noona nomo yeppeo" HAHA! But no! My seemingly endless unemployed days were turning into wallet-sucking-out days. I blame online shops for this self-turmoil not to mention PayPal and my father's credit card! One fateful day, I just had to see ETUDE HOUSE on a random ad while I was watching a show featuring Infinite on Youtube. I clicked and voila! There goes my hard-earned Yen! I've never ever spent that much on beauty products! After an awful lot of days, the postman finally arrived and I had my first ever Etude House box!

I only bought 12 products but I was surprised at how big the box was! Later, I realized that it was mainly because of the Wonder Pore Freshner and that cute little yellow owl! 

All the items were bubble-wrapped and they even tossed in a weird looking inflated plastic balloon of some sort to serve as cushion in unfilled areas of the box. They remind me of my cousins' floaters - only these are minis LOL. So here's what I bought:

Dear Darling Tint in Orange - smells so yummy (like Jelly Ace and ice pops!)
ShiniStar Lip Balm #01 - Onew! Onew! LOL
Look at my Lips Rogue in Pink (#14 PK003) - cuz I don't have this certain shade of pink yet!
Lovely Cookie Blusher in Orange (#3 OR2012) - cuz I don't have an orange-y blush-on yet
Oh~m'Eye Lash Curling & Clean Mascara - MY FIRST EVER MASCARA!
Oil Blotting Sheets - I ran out of them and since I'll be spending a month and a half in Pinas, I better stock on them!
Wonder Pore Freshner - for my not so yeppeo pores... JOOKUH!!!
Spray mist bottle for the Wonder Pore Freshner - unless I wanna carry around the whole half liter in my bag!!!
Nail Polish in 5 colors - all glittery and they're not mine! They're for my sister who loves to do her nails. I can never do my nails - there isn't much to do LOL!

Etude House Japan was generous enough to toss in that cute yellow owl. It's actually a neck pillow and it's comfy :) They also included Baking Soda Facial Foam Wash, Lip & Eye Make-up Remover (the label was very FUNNY cuz it only said LIP & EYE REMOVER... scary!) and a very princessy, pink, sequined make-up pouch! And oh, I didn't pay for shipping. It was free but it really took longer than expected. But still, it's FREE :)

I am very very happy and excited with my first box of Etude House products even though I haven't used them yet. Hopefully they'll be good for me and my skin and won't break me out!!!