Friday, January 11, 2013

Infinite H: Special Girl

Infinite's subgroup, INFINITE H composed of Dongwoo and Hoya :) I loved the teaser and I adore the video. I super love the play of colors. It reminds me of Girls Generation & Shinee's Replay somehow. I don't know why though. Haha! Here's to hoping that they'll perform this during Dream KPOP Fantasy Concert this Jan.19!!! 

P.S. Love the dance! The thing with Infinite is that you'll always remember the dance somehow! I included videos for Be Mine and BTD (Before the Dawn) which are also my personal favorites cuz of the dancing :)

Infinite H- Special Girl Teaser

Infinite H- Special Girl

Infinite- Be Mine

Infinite- BTD (Before the Dawn)

And here's their practice video haha! They're really cool esp. when they do the scorpion dance :)
Oh.. I love the thumbnail! Dongwooooo?? :)

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  1. imo sad ta giinclude ang seal dance sa infinite...hehehe, owver ha, naka 2 blog post man ka today...