Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Getting to Know: Infinite

infinite in the eyes of a stranger

Okay! So we've bought tickets for Dream Kpop Fantasy Concert and aside from SNSD, I barely know the other 5 groups. It's not that they're not popular or they're not good but it's because I've only been a KPOP fan for well over 5 months give and take. 

I understand the horror of not being able to tell one member from another! Believe me... When I first got to know Super Junior, I was struggling to memorize their names and recognize their faces... all 13 of them. However, it only took me a few episodes of a tv show to actually correctly identify them. A few days ago, I tried my luck with Infinite and voila! I suck. I started with their videos... The Chaser, Nothing's Over, Be Mine and etc. There were only 7 of them but God! Why do I always mix up Sung Yeol and L? At first, I could only recognize 3 out of 4 thanks to The Thousandth Man (wherein Woo Hyun and Sung Gyu were casted) and Answer Me, 1997 wherein Hoya played an amazing character. 

So, I decided to watch Infinite's Sesame Player to aid my dying brain cells and rusty memory. You can watch it too here. The videos have english subtitles so there's no need to worry! After I've watched it, I jotted down notes. LOL.

I'm not sure if they'd help but I was able to get their names right through it...

... or did I mix up Sung Yeol and L again for the nth time?

For more get to know facts of Infinite members, here are some helpful links:

Haeng un ^____^


  1. gudluck to mwah!basta sungjong lng ako

  2. hahahah! i know right :) sung gyu naeko ya! bwahahahah.

  3. sung yeol ug dong woo ang akong gilibugan pgfirst..

  4. waah, funny how super adik nka ni dongwoo ron and ako kay sungyeol...i know never jud ni nato g.expect...