Wednesday, January 2, 2013

안녕 2012!

I am having a hard time trying to figure out how to start this post probably because a lot of things has happened last year!

Well... after four years of being in college, I finally graduated!!! I not only gained knowledge from all the reading and listening but I was also able to build the closest ties with a few people ;) We shared everything from heartaches, triumphs, failures and nonsensical things.

III. Chukha-e chinggu dul!

Of course the friendships built took longer than a year but it felt like it was challenged by the time we graduated. I had to move... like really move... far away from my friends. Still, the distance between my friends and I does not stop us. Yes, we still keep in touch!

II. Nae gajok

It's been 8 months since I got here in Ilbong. Roughly 2 months ago, I was able to go back to Cebu and see my brother, other family members, my boyfriend and my friends. Until now, I am still confused if there should be a need to feel homesick. I no longer know where home is. Sure, my family is here with me but I still feel lonely. Some days I think of how fun it would be to be back in Cebu yet when I see my parents every afternoon after cooking food ~ watching them eat... I ask myself... would I dare to leave them to pursue what I want???

I. Hallyu invades me!!!

It all started with Yoochun when I was watching "Rooftop Prince".

Or at least I think it did! From that time onwards, everything just went zzzzzzzoooooooooooom!!! And I woke up one day with posters, albums, magazines, postcards and a mug! 

My first KPOP album ever is JYJ's "The Beginning" and the rest just flowed in... some by the bunch and some one by one. I NEVER EVER expected to be a fangirl... of korean boy bands so to speak! I had fangirling history when I was in elementary and it was Bacsktreet Boys then! I had all the tapes and I listened to them like crazy, memorizing every line, recognizing every voice. It feels like I was back to being 9 years old. Only this time, the boys I'm ogling speak a language I do not understand and certainly do not speak! Daebak!!! Chincha!!! Kwenchana!!! Oettokke!!! Saranghae!!! Bogoshipo!!! Oppa!!! and lots more have now become part of my daily life in thoughts, spoken words and in writing (right Kevin's manura?). Hangul would have to wait though. Apart from Seoul and Eunhyuk, I cannot read any other word in Hangul! Hahaha! We've got 2013 for that =)

Annyeong 2012!